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“At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour.”

At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour. We develop compelling communication strategies and we help people manage sensitive issues and crises. Based on an understanding of how people think and act, we’re also good at changing the behaviour of customers, employees or other specific audiences.

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PARTNERS: Linstock partners with Kohl PR

“A strong evidence-based approach with creative zeal and efficient delivery”

Following on the heels of a World Cup win for Germany, Linstock is proud to announce that it is partnering with Berlin-based Kohl PR.

There aren’t many PR organisations that work in the same progressive way as Linstock, so when we find them we’re keen as mustard to work with them. Like Linstock, Kohl PR provides a service that combines a strong evidence-based approach with creative zeal and efficient delivery.

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Credentials: Linstock Academy

“We take our training seriously.”

We work hard to apply the latest thinking to our communications campaigns.

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Credentials: PRCA

“Linstock is PRCA accredited.”

Independently audited every two years, it helps to enhance the efficiency and profitability of PR consultancies.

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News: Financial services employment in London

“Using member surveys to highlight key trends”

According to the latest research from TheCityUK, employment in financial and professional services in London increased by 0.3% in...

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Blog: Group Decision Making: Are Two Heads Better Than One?

“Research shows there are circumstances when group performance is actually worse than individual decision making, but how can groups manage biases to their advantage?”

The tendency for behavioural scientists to focus on individual aspects of decision making neglects the fact that many important...

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Case Study: Equal Approach

“Big impact on a small budget: tightly targeted communications”

Diversity recruitment specialist Equal Approach needed to recruit 500 volunteers in specific geographic areas across the UK....

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Case Study: Harborough

“Managing reputation during transformational change”

Local authorities across the country are grappling with the challenges of budget cuts and a more localist approach. Linstock...

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Case Study: AIFA

“Managing a change in strategic direction”

A Linstock client since 2007, AIFA is the largest trade body for financial advisers in the UK ( In 2011 we advised...

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Team Member: Tariq Khwaja


“Make things more inspiring and simpler to understand.”

There are a few things that get me going – in good and bad ways. I love getting under the skin of clients’ businesses – and...

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Team Member: Chris Webb


“One of the UK's leading experts in police strategic media and communications”

Chris is one of the UK’s leading experts in police strategic media and communications. He has over 23 years’ experience of...

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Blog: How higher education comms is innovating in the face of change

“Higher education has undergone a more transformative experience during the coalition years than just about any other sector you can think of. ”

The Chancellor’s announcement of government-backed loans for (young) postgraduate students is the latest staging post in a...

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Blog: What do German businesses think of a possible Brexit?

“In the eyes of German business, supporting Cameron´s critical position does not mean being anti-European.”

David Cameron’s opposition to the EC presidency of Jean Claude Junker extracted a flurry of negative headlines in the German...

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