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“At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour.”

At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour. We develop compelling communication strategies and we help people manage sensitive issues and crises. Based on an understanding of how people think and act, we’re also good at changing the behaviour of customers, employees or other specific audiences.

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Credentials: Linstock Academy

“We take our training seriously.”

We work hard to apply the latest thinking to our communications campaigns.

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Credentials: PRCA

“Linstock is PRCA accredited.”

Independently audited every two years, it helps to enhance the efficiency and profitability of PR consultancies.

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Team Member: Madeleine Crowther

Junior Consultant

“One of the things I love about my job is that I’m always encouraged to learn more and dig deeper.”

I joined the Linstock team in early 2013, and quickly appreciated the emphasis they place on robust thinking in their approach....

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Team Member: Jo Nussbaum

Senior Consultant

“I enjoy working on communications strategies, behaviour change campaigns and awareness raising projects for clients.”

In my three years at Linstock I've worked with organisations in the local government, charity, education and financial &...

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News: Financial services employment in London

“Using member surveys to highlight key trends”

According to the latest research from TheCityUK, employment in financial and professional services in London increased by 0.3% in...

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Blog: Tomorrow’s World

“Marketing and communications professionals need to do some future-proofing.”

Many questioned Facebook’s recent decision to buy Oculus Rift, a piece of virtual reality kit which immerses users in a...

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Case Study: Fidelity

“Applying the latest research to influence investor behaviour”

Fidelity works with Linstock to improve its understanding of people’s investment behaviour, especially in relation to workplace...

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News: Driving Competitiveness in the UK

“In depth research into the competitiveness of the UK”

TheCityUK has today released important research it has undertaken into UK competitiveness in financial and related professional...

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Case Study: British Gas

“Energy efficiency in social housing: making the green deal work”

British Gas is the UK’s leading energy and home services provider. Local authority and housing association decision makers...

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Case Study: Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition

“Reducing health inequalities from birth”

The Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition was established in 2006 by more than 39 high profile medical, health and professional...

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Blog: Sad may be bad for financial decision making

“How you feel can influence how you make important financial decisions.”

With 1000s of people expected to make last-minute ISA investments this week, new research highlights the potential influence of...

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