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“At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour.”

At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour. We develop compelling communication strategies and we help people manage sensitive issues and crises. Based on an understanding of how people think and act, we’re also good at changing the behaviour of customers, employees or other specific audiences.

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PARTNERS: Linstock partners with Kohl PR

“A strong evidence-based approach with creative zeal and efficient delivery”

Following on the heels of a World Cup win for Germany, Linstock is proud to announce that it is partnering with Berlin-based Kohl PR.

There aren’t many PR organisations that work in the same progressive way as Linstock, so when we find them we’re keen as mustard to work with them. Like Linstock, Kohl PR provides a service that combines a strong evidence-based approach with creative zeal and efficient delivery.

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Credentials: Linstock Academy

“We take our training seriously.”

We work hard to apply the latest thinking to our communications campaigns.

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Credentials: PRCA

“Linstock is PRCA accredited.”

Independently audited every two years, it helps to enhance the efficiency and profitability of PR consultancies.

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Team Member: Keith Brookbank


“We like to challenge existing thinking.”

One of the key reasons I joined Linstock in 2009 is because we share the same values. During my dozen years in corporate...

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News: Driving Competitiveness in the UK

“In depth research into the competitiveness of the UK”

TheCityUK has today released important research it has undertaken into UK competitiveness in financial and related professional...

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Case Study: Growth Cities Network

“Bigger Thinking for Smaller Cities”

Cities are widely recognised to be the drivers of the UK economy. But the best way to exploit these opportunities has been the...

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Team Member: Simon Maule


“We run a consultancy that works hard to understand both communications and business goals.”

Good communications has, thankfully, come a long way since I started in the late 1990s. I spent my early years toiling by a fax...

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News: Financial services employment in London

“Using member surveys to highlight key trends”

According to the latest research from TheCityUK, employment in financial and professional services in London increased by 0.3% in...

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Case Study: AIFA

“Managing a change in strategic direction”

A Linstock client since 2007, AIFA is the largest trade body for financial advisers in the UK ( In 2011 we advised...

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Blog: What’s putting the brakes on sustainable travel in Scotland?

“Car travel is up in Scotland, despite efforts to promote sustainable transport. So, what has contributed to this change? And why are existing campaigns failing to make an impact?”

Last week Transport Scotland released their annual Transport and Travel Statistics Bulletin, showing that car drivers and...

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Blog: Celebrities and politics – a match made in heaven?

“When celebrities publicly endorse political parties, they can end up denting the reputation not only of the party they support, but their own standing as well.”

What’s your reaction when you see celebrities rubbing shoulders with political leaders? Are you left feeling inspired, or...

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Case Study: Durham University

“Developing relationships with higher education decision makers”

Durham University is one of the top Universities in the UK. Linstock provided public affairs and public relations advice, helping...

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