Behaviour Change

You must first understand what drives someone’s behaviour before you can set out to change it.

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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership marketing puts clear blue water between you and the competition.

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Crisis Management

Sometimes, things go wrong. And when they do, your hard won reputation is in the firing line.

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“At Linstock we apply the latest thinking to protect reputations and influence behaviour.”

Linstock is a communications consultancy using evidence, insight and creativity to achieve business goals.

We work across three complex and challenging fields where our expertise adds most value to senior management teams…

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News: Awards

“The latest Linstock awards and commendations”


FINANCIAL SERVICES FORUM 2015: SHORTLISTED, New Product, Service or Innovation: Circle Housing Money

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News: Opinion

“The latest commentary from the Linstock team”

Read our latest thoughts and comments in outlets including PR Week, The Huffington Post, Marketing Week and Professional Manager.

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Credentials: PRCA

“Linstock is PRCA accredited.”

Independently audited every two years, it helps to enhance the efficiency and profitability of PR consultancies.

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Team Member: Jon Bennett


“Communication builds relationships, and without good relationships you can't do business.”

Good communication changes minds and makes people take action. It's a potent tool for helping organisations achieve their goals....

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Case Study: APFA

“Managing a change in strategic direction”

A Linstock client nine years, APFA (formerly AIFA) is the largest trade body for financial advisers in the UK ( In...

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Case Study: TheCityUK

Managing the reputation of one of the UK's largest industry sectors

TheCityUK is responsible for promoting UK financial and related professional services at home and overseas. It plays an active...

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Case Study: Southend Borough Council

“Sustainable transport: unlocking the change”

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council was awarded a grant from the Department for Transport to improve economic growth and reduce...

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Blog: RWC 2015: Tackling the science of good communications

“If there’s a good process in place, the outputs are far more likely to lay long-term foundations for success.”

It’s all gone egg-shaped. For the next month or so, rugby will be the sport of the moment as the World Cup takes place across...

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Blog: The estate we’re in: Five challenges for Government’s regeneration initiative

“Real consultation and engagement must set the direction for regeneration to avoid an exodus of long standing residents”

Housing has loomed large as a political issue since the start of the year. The controversial Housing and Planning Bill has passed...

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News: What do German businesses think of a possible Brexit?

“In the eyes of German business, supporting Cameron´s critical position does not mean being anti-European.”

David Cameron’s opposition to the EC presidency of Jean Claude Junker extracted a flurry of negative headlines in the German...

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Blog: Improving diversity can turn ‘issue’ to ‘opportunity’

“As a leader today, you can expect heat from all quarters if you’re not perceived to be taking diversity seriously ”

Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. But evidence is building that for businesses and other institutions, having a...

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Team Member: Tom Yazdi

Senior Consultant

“I think clients like working with Linstock because we’re open and honest – and we know our stuff.”

At Linstock I work on thought leadership, crisis communication and community outreach projects. Clients I have advised include...

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