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Blog: Red box thinking: Rabbits and budgeting

“Communications planning and budgeting requires striking the right balance between meeting short-term targets and laying the foundations for long-term impact.”

Published: February 22, 2017

The Chancellor’s Budget is famous for its rabbits. Remember George Osborne’s £12bn boost to spending on infrastructure? Or...

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Blog: Liberal Luvvies Urged to Dial Down Trump Grumps

“High-profile luvvies are in danger of reinforcing the very factors that allowed Trump and Farage to succeed in the first place.”

Published: February 22, 2017

If the BAFTAs are anything to go by, this week’s Oscars ceremony will be used as a political platform to rail against Donald...

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Blog: Thought Leadership Trends 2017

“Nearly half a million people worldwide have thought leadership in their job title. ”

Published: January 19, 2017

Thought Leadership is an exciting and growing market. But just how fast is it developing? And are some sectors embracing its...

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Blog: The Big Diversity Panto: It’s behind you! Oh no it isn’t!

“According to Grant Thornton, the number of women occupying senior business roles in the UK has moved just three percentage points in a decade and stands at a measly 22%. ”

Published: December 15, 2016

As the high-street fills with festive shoppers and Slade blasts from the kitchen radio, I draw my own yuletide comfort from a...

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Blog: Talkin ‘Bout My Generation? You Should Be

“ In a world where wrinkles can be airbrushed, chins can be tucked and we’re all encouraged to join the cult of the gym, there’s a sense that we can put off the inevitable. ”

Published: December 15, 2016

People tried to put them down but the baby boomer generation took over the world. Through music, fashion, sex and consumerism...

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Blog: The Psychology of Crisis: Decision-Making Under Pressure

“Research shows that, in the face of a crisis, our mental state tends to move from one of relatively restful contemplation towards increased anxiety, worry and anger. ”

Published: November 17, 2016

Tesco Bank, Nissan and Samsung have all been in full crisis mode at some stage over the last few months. Cyber-attacks, dodgy...

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Blog: Has the death of facts been greatly exaggerated?

“If you are a political figure, a party leader, or a campaign leader for a particular cause, victories seem to be won with soundbites and rhetoric.”

Published: November 8, 2016

As America goes to the polls, I’m reminded of the issue that defined current affairs in the UK this year: Brexit. Because much...

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Blog: Follow the Leader: How to Build Followership

“We lean towards the new and information has to be easy for us to find and share if we are going to take an interest in it. ”

Published: October 13, 2016

Sir Richard Branson, Jeremy Corbyn and Larry Ellison are unlikely bedfellows. Save for their partiality for wispy facial hair,...

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