Diversity in 2016: (A Game Of) Snakes And Ladders

Published: December 15, 2016

“It is our ethical duty to protect and offer equal opportunity to diverse groups.”

It is our ethical duty to protect and offer equal opportunity to diverse groups. No one – or perhaps only Scrooge – would disagree. But the lengths we go to and methods we use to accommodate this promise continue to be debated, picked apart and rebuilt. Thank Father Christmas because, beyond a moral point (and for those few scrooges left), we now have hard evidence to show that societies and businesses truly prosper when diversity is fostered.

But then nothing hard ever came easy, and looking back on the past year you’d be forgiven for thinking there have been just as many steps forward as back. Canada put up a ladder, only for America to land on a snake.

What can we expect from the year ahead?

Play our Snakes and Ladders game using Google Dice.

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