One Billion and Counting: What Does YouTube’s Success Mean for Business?

Published: April 23, 2015

“Video is the fastest growing medium on the web with more than 12 billion views per month,”

On this day ten years ago, the first ever YouTube video was posted of co-founder Jawed Karim on a visit to San Diego Zoo. Did Karim know that this 18 second clip would make internet history and see the development of a community of over one billion users consuming and sharing video content all over the globe? Probably not. No-one could have anticipated the huge role video now has in our online habits, from fan-made music videos to highbrow explainers from the likes of the Financial Times and the Economist.

But what does this social media milestone mean for big brands and businesses when it comes to getting their message out, changing behaviour and driving sales?

This week Linstock launched a new report, The Future of Search and Social, which draws on interviews with leading figures in the industry to explore the latest ideas in search and social media. Our research found that video and mobile are transforming web usage and content development. With more than 12 billion views per month, video is the fastest growing medium on the web. Recent trends show that video views on Facebook increased by 75% worldwide in 2014, so much so that the social media giant has now surpassed YouTube in the number of desktop views per month.

While big brands have been quick to embrace the latest web and social media trends, from ‘click-bait’ headlines and engaging Twitter feeds, more traditional businesses have been slower to exploit video and social media.

Read our new report to find out what business can learn and apply by clicking here.

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