Seven Steps to Running Thought Leadership Events

Events can be a powerful part of any thought leadership campaign. They allow us to show off our experts, test new ideas, produce “live” content, and connect with interesting people.

But they cannot be run on a whim. With increasing demands on their time, participants will not prioritise going to an event that only vaguely promises debate, learning or networking, without making a specific appeal to them. They will expect to come away with genuine insight that they can pass on or apply once back at their desks. Each one has to be fresh, relevant and beautifully planned.

For the organisers, the purpose of the event should be front of mind. How will it advance our thought leadership campaign? What do we want to present to participants, what do we want them to take home, and how do we want them to engage with us in future?

Click here for: a seven step guide to running a successful thought leadership event.

Jessica Nicholls
Senior Consultant

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