Three of the best: Top tech to boost your comms campaigns

Published: 30 May 2019

If you're struggling for new ideas for how to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness, three tech innovations could have a big impact.

StickK is a tool that helps individuals stick to their goals using two behavioural science principles: loss aversion and accountability.

We’ve been exploring the best ways to use tech to boost communications campaigns. Here, we look at three of the best innovations we’ve found for raising brand awareness, measuring the success of behaviour change campaigns and recruitment and content promotion – keep an eye out for more on this on our blog over the next few months.

Tool: Snapchat Geofilters
Useful for: Raising brand awareness
Cost: £/££
You’ve probably heard of Snapchat and seen some of the headline figures about its popularity, particularly among 18-24-year olds. With an estimated 16.2 million users in the UK, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking at how they can best use it to reach their audiences. And one of its uses might surprise you. The Snapchat filter – yes, the one that gives you dog ears or long eyelashes – can also be used to raise brand awareness.

For smaller businesses and organisations, Snapchat Geofilters can help you promote an event, or your organisation, to a highly targeted audience. You’ll need a designer to help you create a filter, in-keeping with your branding. Then you can set the geographical area you want the filter to be available in and for how long. The cost varies depending on the area and the duration, but can be as little as £10 a day. Using it can help attract people to an event and spread the message organically about what your brand offers, to your target audience.

Tool: StickK
Useful for: Measuring the success of behaviour change campaigns
Cost: ££/ £££
Organisations are becoming increasingly interested in whether the work they do is having a genuine impact on changing behaviours. But this can be difficult to measure. Step up, StickK. StickK is a tool that helps individuals stick to their goals using two behavioural science principles: loss aversion and accountability.

Users create commitment contracts to help define their goal(s) and are invited to put money on the line should they fail to stick to their goal in a given week. According to StickK, users who agree to forfeit money – to a choice of select ‘anti-charities’, charities, StickK itself, friends or foes – are three times more likely to succeed in completing their goal than those who do not. This seems plausible: many a Liverpool fan will be very motivated by the possibility of giving money to Manchester United’s fan club!

On an organisational level, you can create your own contracts for people (employees or members of the public) to StickK to. This could be saving £10 more a month into your pension pot, changing the way you travel to work or eating healthier. StickK will then provide you with data on whether people are meeting their commitments and provides a much easier method of measuring behaviour change than to just simply ask people whether or not they’ve made (and stuck to) a change.

Tool: Elevate
Useful for: Recruitment and promoting thought leadership content
Cost: £££
If you work in professional or financial services, the chances are you’re familiar with LinkedIn. You might have even posted an article or an update. But, if you’re striving for great engagement with your content, you might be coming up short. There’s a lot of secrecy from LinkedIn about its algorithm to determine exactly who sees your posts and when, making it difficult to build a big follower presence on the platform.

Why not try Elevate? Elevate is a tool designed to increase engagement and works in three interconnected ways. Firstly, it curates content for you, suggesting trending content by industry and function so you can see how others are engaging people. Secondly, it allows you to suggest content which is relevant to your employees’ interests and allows them to easily share to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, it allows you to see how an employee sharing content drives key business metrics such as traffic to website or sales. All of these uses can help your organisation engage more with your own employees, attract new business and recruit new team members.

We know it can be hard to get started with a lot of these different innovations, so we’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss how your organisation could make better use of mobile and online technology to boost its communications, get in touch.

Jen Evans

Senior Consultant

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