“The biggest change to pension rules in a generation”

Capita’s Bluefin Corporate Consulting was advised by Linstock through the biggest change to pension rules in a generation being introduced in 2013. With millions of people to be auto enrolled into company pension schemes, employers need to be aware of the issue and the duties they must fulfil. Within a limited time frame Bluefin became a leading voice on the issue, educating firms and commenting on auto enrolment within the current economic, social and political context.

Our aim was to raise the profile of Bluefin among the UK’s human resource managers and financial directors, whose role it is to implement the new pension rules. This meant building on Bluefin’s standing in the pensions and employee benefits press; reaching into the HR profession’s media, and raising awareness at a company board level through regional and national media.

Bluefin needed to lead the discussion auto enrolment. We helped them do that by taking advantage of the media agenda. This would include anything from the UK’s increase in part time workers to the impact of student fees. We also used the data in Bluefin’s employee benefits platform, Orbit, to demonstrate how people are making choices about their pensions right now across the UK.

Capita’s, Bluefin Corporate Consulting made big inroads into the HR profession’s trade media and, by taking a broader look at the issues affecting auto enrolment, often featured in the business sections of the national print media.

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