Choice Support

We draft media materials, engage with journalists on their behalf and monitor media and social media coverage.

Choice Support is a leading social care charity that supports people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, physical disabilities and homeless people.


Linstock is retained by leading social care charity Choice Support to provide a crisis support service for the charity’s work with vulnerable people who have physical and learning disabilities.


Linstock has developed a crisis management preparedness pack for Choice Support, which provides immediate tools to plan an emergency response as well as background and supporting information that will help in a crisis situation. We have also run training sessions for Choice Support’s senior team and area managers to help them understand how to use the pack most effectively.

Linstock has been called on a number of times to handle sensitive issues; for instance, in relation to service closures and court cases involving employees. In each situation Linstock works closely with the Choice Support team to engage stakeholders, provide media commentary as appropriate and communicate on social media.


In each situation, the reputation of Choice Support has been maintained throughout the crisis period and beyond. The team now feel more confident to handle elements of crisis response in-house, relying on Linstock for more serious matters and wider strategic issues.


“The team at Linstock have guided Choice Support’s thinking on strategy and core principles for communications, and consistently offer fast, practical advice. While it is never pleasant to face situations that may cause serious reputational and business damage, I feel fully assured that Linstock will help us do all we can to prepare for all possibilities and we all sleep easier knowing they are just a phone call away. The team open our eyes to potential risks and advise on strategies to deal with them that would never have occurred to us on our own. They draft media materials, engage with journalists on our behalf and monitor media and social media coverage to alert us to new developments. They are always highly professional and provide excellent support.”

Sarah Maguire, CEO, Choice Support

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