‘Class Ceilings’

“Class Ceilings – Promoting boardroom diversity”

Linstock created a highly effective piece of thought leadership that captured audiences’ attention and served as a platform to demonstrate Equal Approach’s insight and professional expertise on diversity in the workplace.

To raise the profile of Equal Approach; position it as an expert in the field of diversity and drive business development.

The Class Ceilings report cut through by focussing on social class as a barrier to UK boardrooms, a subject that had hitherto lacked any voice in the media. With research that exposed the over representation of people from public school background, the report addressed the issue in a way that resonated with business audiences, stressing diversity as performance benefit and making a number of strong calls to action. The launch of the report was timed for maximum salience, coinciding with the latest series of Downton Abbey.

The report’s arrival created much online debate about social class. Messages from Class Ceilings reached nearly a million Twitter users. Key influencers, including commentators at the Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph highlighted the report on their Twitter profiles. Social media engagement mirrored a spike in activity on the client’s website. On the day of the release, website traffic more than doubled compared to the average for the previous month.

The report’s insights produced a half-page feature in The Sunday Times and generated articles in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club website, as well as all of the UK’s major recruitment trade publications, including Personnel Today, People Management, HRreview and Recruiter. All articles had excellent message pull-through. The combined readership of the coverage totalled 2.4m.

The report was downloaded over 300 times in the months following the release. Its publication led directly to a significant increase new business enquiries on the day and in following weeks. The content has provided invaluable supportive material for Equal Approach’s business development team and continues to generate interest.

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