Equal Approach

“Big impact on a small budget: tightly targeted communications”

Equal Approach came to Linstock with a clear objective: help them sign up 500 volunteers with The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation to support disabled people and help them get back into work. The diversity recruitment specialists had only a handful of volunteers and needed to achieve their target in just a few weeks. What’s more, they needed to recruit the right amount of volunteers in the right towns and cities throughout the UK – and they had a limited budget with which to do it.

Using Volunteer’s Week as a news hook, an appeal was made to people in local communities to register as a volunteer. Evidence of the benefits of volunteering and mentoring to disabled and disadvantaged individuals featured prominently across all communications to compel people to register.

To make our news bespoke to the target regional audiences 38 regionally specific press releases were composed, specifying the number of volunteers wanted and the size of the disabled community in that area. Announcements were distributed and Linstock engaged with regional writers and the Press Association. Over 300 community groups in target areas were identified, and we worked with Equal Approach to appeal to their members to volunteer. The campaign also used micro blogging sites such as Twitter to appeal for volunteers and asked community groups to use their accounts to do the same.

Equal Approach had over 500 volunteers register for the scheme during the three week campaign. To do this over 300 regional community groups were engaged with and appealed to; coverage in 25 regional newspaper titles was generated, including many in the north west of England where the largest concentration of the 500 volunteers was required; and 80% media of coverage carried the web site address required for volunteer registrations.

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