Grant Thornton International

“Building Thought Leadership”

International accounting and advisory company, Grant Thornton, differentiates itself as an organisation that works with dynamic companies, harnessing talent and skills, to help them grow.

As part of this activity, it works with Linstock to produce insights on women’s progress in occupying senior business positions through its Women in Business (WiB) report.

The WiB report aims to demonstrate to businesses that Grant Thornton contributes insight on a subject important to them as well as show its international reach. In 2015 this was done by providing truly international insights, surveying businesses in 40 economies and investigating issues such as support for quotas. The report is also well timed; releasing the findings on International Women’s Day.

Implementation included creating materials that are easily tailored for use in individual regions and which Linstock could use to engage with international business outlets. The reports insights were conveyed using blogs, social media and a graphics-driven approach, making it easy to use online and helping push traffic to the company website.


1. WiB cemented Grant Thornton’s market position and reach by dominating the international business media on the issue:
• The Financial Times published a women in business supplement – four of its articles used Grant Thornton research and comment, including the front page story and main infographic
• Broadcast interviews appeared on CNBC and BBC World News
• Articles ran on Reuters and Forbes news sites
• More than 600 articles globally, where Grant Thornton offices reside
• Grant Thornton still receives media enquiries each week

2. Audience engagement was hugely successful:
• Over 22,000 website views of the report
• 12,000 LinkedIn impressions
• 1,800 report views on the official International Women’s Day website
• Twitter messages received more than 500 re-tweets
• Results were shared in academic presentations at Cranfield and Edinburgh University.

“Linstock combined creativity, academic rigour and macro trend sensitivity.”
Dominic King, Global Research Manager, Grant Thornton

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