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Insights from the annual Women In Business report are conveyed using blogs, social media and a graphics-driven approach, making it easy to use online and helping push traffic to the company website.


Linstock is retained by Grant Thornton International to lead a number of international thought leadership projects and initiatives. We work to maximise the value the firm gets from research into the outlook and actions of businesses around the world by mapping the results against its consultancy expertise and the challenges facing the world today, developing new ideas, insight, evidence and policy recommendations.


One of Grant Thornton’s flagship pieces of work is the Women in Business (WiB) report, now in its 10th year, which has positioned the firm as the ‘go to’ organisation for media writing on this issue and helped it engage with customers, prospects and public affairs audiences.

Linstock advises on the theme for each year’s report and analyses the quantitative research results to identify the most interesting findings. We conduct qualitative interviews with relevant clients and influencers to understand the factors behind women’s progress in occupying senior business positions around the world, and work with Grant Thornton to develop recommendations for business, society, governments and women themselves.

In addition to drafting the report, Linstock advises on graphics, blogs, videos and other content to drive online engagement, and promotes the findings to the international press.


The WiB report has cemented Grant Thornton’s market position and generated commercial opportunities for the firm around the world.

Over the past few years coverage has appeared in a number of international business media, including the Financial Times, CNBC, BBC World News, Reuters and Forbes, as well as generating hundreds of articles globally.

Each year’s report receives around 22,000 views on the website; 12,000 LinkedIn impressions and hundreds of re-tweets on Twitter. It has also been used by Grant Thornton’s people & culture team to promote the firm’s Women’s International Leadership Link network, which aims to connect women and promote female leadership internally.

The WiB report aims to demonstrate to businesses that Grant Thornton contributes insight on a subject important to them as well as show its international reach. This is done by providing truly international insights, surveying businesses in 40 economies and investigating issues such as support for quotas on an annual basis. The report is also well timed; releasing the findings on International Women’s Day.

“Linstock has become a trusted and valuable thought leadership partner. They push the boundaries to come up with fresh ideas that make the most of our existing assets. From drafting discussion guides and conducting interviews to data analysis and reporting, their work is always innovative and insightful.”

Carol Briggs, Associate Director – Global Marketing & Thought Leadership, Grant Thornton International

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