Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Understanding hotspots for driving un-insured

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau is a not for profit body that provides compensation to car accident victims when the driver responsible has been driving without insurance. About 30,000 claims are made to the MIB each year, which adds about £30 to every honest motorist’s insurance. Linstock helped the MIB understand why people in certain areas of the country have a high propensity to drive uninsured and began the process of changing their behaviour.

To understand the drivers behind non-insured behaviour in the West Midlands and West Yorkshire and develop a strategy to address this behaviour.

Linstock carried out an exploratory scoping study with community leaders in the target areas to understand the major themes driving current behaviour. We used this information to shape an outreach programme. This programme set out to help us better understand people’s actions and begin to communicate some important messages about insurance. We used a street questionnaire and teams on the ground to take our message face-to-face to the target audiences and used the findings of this to support a media campaign.

We recorded 2050 engagements with people in the target areas and provided a clear picture to MIB about the understanding of insurance rules among local people and their perceptions as to why the law continues to be broken. We delivered press coverage in targeted press and broadcast outlets.

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