Newcastle University

“Raising political profile and policy influence”

One of the world’s most highly regarded universities, Newcastle brought in Linstock to raise the political profile and policy influence of research work, contributing to the strategic goal of winning recognition as a ‘world class civic university’.


Working closely with the in-house communications team we devise and deliver termly programmes of targeted initiatives in relation to the three ‘social impact’ themes under which the university’s research is grouped. For instance, we have devised and overseen event programmes at all party conferences, which resulted in a delegation of academics being invited to present their work to the Prime Minister’s policy unit.

We have also shaped the presentation of research into the potential water security implications of energy policy; advised on a public response to a Ministerial decision about a treaty to protect cultural artefacts in war zones; and led on plans for a Westminster debate on rural economy issues.


Thanks to our support Newcastle’s Party Conference events have been well attended by a range of influential policy stakeholders and a number of productive relationships have been brokered with Ministers and Opposition spokespeople. The events also led to Newcastle’s approach to engaging with social and economic issues being covered in ‘Research Fortnight’.

Separately we have secured agenda setting coverage in the broadsheet press, supported academics speaking at national policy events and produced content-rich material for dissemination among key stakeholders.

For a more detailed look at how Linstock helped Newcastle raise its political profile, click on the image below:

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