Retirement Advantage

“Taking a leadership position when others step back”

Linstock began working with retirement income provider Retirement Advantage (formerly MGM Advantage) in 2014 – the year that pensions and retirement underwent its biggest change in a generation. The shifting sands of the industry meant making some brave tactical decisions that are paying dividends for the company as the debate around the future of pensions and retirement continues.


To advise Retirement Advantage through and following the biggest shakeup in pensions for decades; providing compelling commentary and content to lead the debate on what the changes mean for people and how they can make the most of the new pension freedoms.

2014’s Budget created a new era of pensions freedom, one in which people no longer need to buy annuities, but have the freedom to do what they want with their pension savings. Following the announcement many annuity providers ran for cover, but Linstock worked with Retirement Advantage to keep on the front foot and add important insight on what people thought of the changes and how it would affect their decisions.


Within 48 hours of the announcement Retirement Advantage were leading the debate, having commissioned research and engaged with consumer and financial adviser audiences. The company also provided valuable tools to show the financial impact the freedoms might have should they be exercised. Since then, Retirement Advantage has continued to take a thought leadership position, developing content to show how retirees’ sentiment is changing and act as a consumer champion highlighting the innovative new hybrid products available and the importance of professional financial advice.

As a result Retirement Advantage has increased its share of voice at a time when competitors remain quiet. In one year we generated over 1200 pieces of coverage across national, trade and online publications, and saw significant engagement online.