During one year of working for TheCityUk, the volume of press coverage increased 13 per cent, surpassing 2,000 mentions, with coverage in the Financial Times averaging three a month.

TheCityUK is the membership body for the UK’s financial and related professional services industry. Its membership includes banks, insurers, asset managers and legal and audit firms.


Linstock began working with TheCityUK in 2011, shortly after the organisation launched. Our primary role was to establish the membership body as the leading voice and champion for UK financial and related professional services.


After five years of working with TheCityUK, Linstock cemented the membership body in the media mainstream.

We did this by focusing on core themes of particular relevance to the industry it represented; the national value of financial and related professional services, the global competitiveness of UK financial and related professional services, and the UK’s relationship with the EU.

We advised the body on its thought leadership content, and promoting its ground-breaking research in pertinent industry issues such as the EU referendum, London’s role as a financial centre and SME financing. We were responsible for sourcing media commentary opportunities and helped the executive team to respond quickly to challenging enquiries, crafting evidence-led responses and coaching the team prior to interview. We also supported TheCityUK’s programme of member media dinners: opportunities for its members to develop crucial relationships with senior journalists and discuss topical, interesting issues.


Over a period of 5 years, Linstock positioned the body as thought leaders, creating a compelling narrative around key industry issues. We advised TheCityUK on its communications strategy, providing extensive media relations support to the executive team. We also provided advice on wider issues affecting the industry, including the UK-EU debate. Which, even pre-referendum, was a source of uncertainty for financial and related professional services.

TheCityUK is now renowned for its expertise across a vast range of policy areas, from the role of
financial services in regional economies, to the City’s relationship with Europe and the importance of cybersecurity in modern finance, to name just a few.

During one year of working for TheCityUk, the volume of press coverage increased 13 per cent, surpassing 2,000 mentions, with coverage in the Financial Times averaging three a month, and seven a month in City A.M. Appearances from TheCityUK spokespeople across broadcast outlets have increased 35 per cent over the same period.

The body’s insight and thought leadership research around the UK-EU debate has been quoted in Parliament by former Prime Minister David Cameron and continues to be cited by politicians, business leaders and journalists. Bloomberg TV, Reuters, the BBC, and the Financial Times are among the many international outlets that consider TheCityUK a go to authority for financial industry commentary.

The Chinese Premier’s Visit to the UK

Our aim was to break through the noise around the Premier’s visit and gain widespread recognition for TheCityUK’s new partnership with the China Development Bank Corporation and demonstrate TheCityUK’s role in developing Shanghai’s pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ), opening up extensive opportunities for UK business. This needed to be achieved in three days.

We developed a comprehensive communications pack with talking points to add context and colour to the story and clear, objective official statements. Interviews with TheCityUK Chairman, Sir Gerry Grimstone, and Chief Executive, Chris Cummings, were secured with four key media outlets, encouraging one leading journalist to break the news before the Prime Minister’s official press conference.

We successfully gained widespread exposure and recognition for TheCityUK’s agreements and role in developing business opportunities with China. Media targets were exceeded by 100%, generating over 100 pieces of coverage, including from leading journalists such as BBC Business Editor Kamal Ahmed, BBC Radio 5 Live Presenter Adam Parsons and City A.M. Economics Reporter Michael Bird, and from a by-lined article from Chief Executive Chris Cummings in The Daily Telegraph.

This helped TheCityUK to gain recognition of its role and value among members, many of whom expressed an interest in being more involved in follow-up projects with the China FTZ in the future. The campaign was commended by the Financial Services Forum Awards in November 2014.

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