Done well, thought leadership marketing demonstrates empathy with clients, and drive commercial success through the power of insight and ideas.

If the asset management sector is going to be pushed into the glare then this is a chance to step up and demonstrate its relevance.

Firms could be hampering the ability of their thought leadership content to achieve a key objective – collaboration – by adopting an overly male tone of voice.

As we approach the end of the year, Linstock reflects on 12 things we’ve learnt from the realms of politics, society, comms and behavioural science.

The report shows that 58% of thought leadership content uses a male tone, which Linstock said is assertive and hinders collaboration.

There is a growing appetite for using thought leadership as a business development tool, to engage and build meaningful relationships.

This report explores the extent to which thought leadership today adopts a more male or female tone of voice and the potential consequences for your business.

After 12 successful years, Jon Bennett has stepped down as Director of the company. He will continue to provide support in an Associate capacity.