Given the purpose of thought leadership is increasingly about driving collaboration, companies need to seriously consider the tone of their content.

Social media shared by employees achieve 8x engagement compared to those from the employer. Tap into these networks to improve the success of your content.

When it comes to financial decisions, behavioural science research suggests that pressing deadlines can create a greater potential for error.

If your New Year's resolutions are but grains of dust in the wind by now, looking for change beyond yourself may help them last longer.

Linstock is hosting a workshop on 22 March to take a closer look at the factors that contribute to a gender balanced thought leadership tone of voice.

Research from Linstock Communications showed that the majority of firms use an overly male tone in their online content and descriptions.

It’s important to remember that content can have a variety of tones, and that some written material will benefit from having a male tone of voice.

Research from Linstock Communications makes the case that many organizations tend to convey messages in a tone that evokes one gender, usually male.