What do German businesses think of a possible Brexit?

“In the eyes of German business, supporting Cameron´s critical position does not mean being anti-European.”

David Cameron’s opposition to the EC presidency of Jean Claude Junker extracted a flurry of negative headlines in the German media a couple of months ago. However, a research paper, published by Kohl PR and its UK partner Linstock Communications, analysing the sentiment of German business representatives on the prospect of Britain’s exit from the EU, or Brexit, shows a remarkable result.

Cameron´s critical approach towards Europe is both appreciated and valued.

German business welcomes that Britain plays the role of a “cleaner”, keeping Brussels in check. For pro-Europeans this view is encouraging. German businesses see in Britain an ally who shares a vision of economic liberalism and free trade. For Germany a Brexit would pose the question of who would fulfil this necessary cleaning function and maintain balance. This view of German business representatives is shared by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The leading business newspaper comes to the conclusion that in fact: “We need more Cameron, not less.”

From a communications standpoint there are many aspects that can be considered. At first Germany and Britain have obviously much more in common than the public debate between the Governments makes us believe. It also illustrates that there is a strong demand for free markets and deregulation outside the UK. It should be kept in mind as well that, in the eyes of German business, supporting Cameron´s critical position does not mean being anti-European. On the contrary!

Written by guest blogger Peter Rall, managing partner at Kohl PR

Brexit: A German View a report from Kohl PR and Linstock can be downloaded here

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