Cyber Security: Comms Teams Can’t Bury Heads In Sand

Published: 31 January 2017

Cyber attacks aren’t going away. If anything, they’ll become more frequent in 2017.

Brands must make sure their communications protocols are as sound as their checks for infections or other operational measures. Communications cannot afford to be an afterthought.

What do Tesco Bank, the US Democratic National Committee and England’s largest NHS Trust have in common? They have all fallen prey to high-profile cyber attacks recently.

They’re not alone. Government figures released last year show that two thirds of large British businesses suffered an attack in the preceding 12 months.

It is big brands who tend to make headlines when there’s good or bad news about them.

But cyber attacks are affecting companies of all sizes. Something as innocuous as a scam email or a malware download counts as an attempt to disrupt and cause harm.

Responding to cyber attacks must be part and parcel of every crisis communications plan, if it isn’t already.

To read the full article, visit PR Week here.

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