Male Voice Discourages Thought Leadership Collaboration

Published: 07 December 2017

Many firms could be unwittingly impeding their thought-leadership aims by adopting an overly male tone in their content.

Businesses are "unwittingly impeding" the success of their thought-leadership content by writing in an assertive and stereotypically "male" tone of voice, new research suggests.

The report shows that 58% of thought leadership content uses a male tone, which Linstock said is assertive and hinders collaboration.That is according toa new report by Linstock Communications, which analysed 100 pieces of thought-leadership content from firms in the financial services, management consulting, legal, engineering and charity sectors.

The report, which focuses on executive summaries and introductions, shows that 58 per cent of thought-leadership content uses a male tone, which Linstock said is assertive and discourages collaboration.

Just over a third (37 per cent) of content analysed uses what the firm judged to be female tone, while the remaining five per cent was seen as neutral.

Linstock has set out five steps to help businesses achieve a more balanced tone in their thought-leadership articles: hedging statements; embracing greater description and longer sentences; using language to build relationships; researching other sectors; and testing content with what it terms “trusted readers”.

To read the full article, visit PR Week here.

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