Thought Leadership Dominated By Male Tone of Voice

Published: 09 February 2018

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of content produced by financial services firms has a male tone of voice.

A male tone of voice tends to be assertive, using language that is typically dominating and more forceful – an approach that often discourages wider discussion and response.

The point of thought leadership pieces is to engage your audience, not annoy them. Yet many pieces written by the communications teams of organisations fail to inspire because they are too ‘male’ in their tone. This is backed up by research published by agency Linstock Communications that shows that most firms use a male tone in their work.

Discussing how comms professionals could create better content, Simon Maule, director at Linstock Communications, says: “Before writing a piece of thought leadership content, PR professionals may benefit from taking a step back and thinking about what they’re hoping to achieve with their work. If the answer is genuine audience engagement and collaboration, our research suggests that they need to think carefully about the tone of voice they’re using.

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