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Case Study: Aston University

“ Aston retains Linstock to build the media profile of academic experts and win recognition for outstanding research. ”

Brief One of the UK’s most ambitious universities, Aston used Linstock to build the media profile of academic experts and win...

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Case Study: Circle Housing

“The project aims to influence the way staff and customers think about their finances and encourage financial planning.”

Brief Linstock was commissioned to develop a behaviour change communications strategy for the launch of Circle Housing Money,...

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Case Study: Newcastle University

“Raising political profile and policy influence”

Brief One of the world’s most highly regarded universities, Newcastle brought in Linstock to raise the political profile and...

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Case Study: Census 2011

“Stand up and be counted: including Ethnic minorities in the 2011 Census”

The census is a comprehensive population survey, reaching 26 million households in England and Wales. Census results shape...

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Case Study: Harborough

“Managing reputation during transformational change”

Local authorities across the country are grappling with the challenges of budget cuts and a more localist approach. Linstock...

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Case Study: Southend Borough Council

“Sustainable transport: unlocking the change”

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council was awarded a grant from the Department for Transport to improve economic growth and reduce...

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Blog: Five Years On From London 2012

“How can marketers learn from the brand promise of London 2012 to make successful brand promises of their own?”

Where were you on Super Saturday? August 4th 2017 marks five years since Great Britain won six gold medals and one silver in...

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Blog: Thought Leadership Trends 2017

“Nearly half a million people worldwide have thought leadership in their job title. ”

Thought Leadership is an exciting and growing market. But just how fast is it developing? And are some sectors embracing its...

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Blog: How to Avoid a January Fail

Senior Consultant

“How can corporate communications professionals prevent January from getting the better of us? Nurture your collective ambition. ”

Studies show that less than 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Most of us set too many goals, without...

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Blog: Food for Thought: Helping People In Poverty


“How can we help those in poverty make better decisions, and why have policymakers consistently struggled to make a significant dent in poverty reduction?”

Reports released last week reveal that a large percentage of the UK population is struggling to escape the poverty...

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Blog: One Big Diversity Pantomime

“It’s behind you! Oh no it isn’t! According to Grant Thornton, the number of women occupying senior business roles in the UK has moved just three percentage points in a decade and stands at a measly 22%. ”

As the high-street fills with festive shoppers and Slade blasts from the kitchen radio, I draw my own yuletide comfort from a...

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Blog: Talkin ‘Bout My Generation? You Should Be

“ In a world where wrinkles can be airbrushed, chins can be tucked and we’re all encouraged to join the cult of the gym, there’s a sense that we can put off the inevitable. ”

People tried to put them down but the baby boomer generation took over the world. Through music, fashion, sex and consumerism...

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Blog: If Content Is King, Wear The Crown

“It seems as if everyone is in the business of content marketing at the moment.”

With the ‘big bang’ in media sources transforming corporate communications, it seems as if everyone is in the business of...

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Blog: Are Negative Endorsements Boosting Jeremy Corbyn?

“In keeping with the laws of unintended consequences, it seems all these ‘negative endorsements’ could actually help the Corbyn camp.”

It’s a peculiarity of politics that what you’re not is often as valid a foundation for a campaign as what you are. Pepsi...

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Blog: Can I be electric too?

“It seems that the initiatives to date have failed to address perception issues that prevent electric vehicles going mainstream.”

We’re all from families full of eccentrics, if the Gallagher brothers are to be believed, because the UK is turning electric....

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Blog: Universities: Thrive or Survive In Uncapped Competition Era?

“Individual institutions need to plan their reputation management strategies carefully to ensure they are more prepared for the implications of the move.”

In a report out this week, the Higher Education Policy Institute’s (HEPI’s) Director Nick Hillman casts a critical eye over...

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Blog: Celebrities and Politics: Match Made in Heaven?

“When celebrities publicly endorse political parties, they can end up denting the reputation not only of the party they support, but their own standing as well.”

What’s your reaction when you see celebrities rubbing shoulders with political leaders? Are you left feeling inspired, or...

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Blog: A Will & Way: Behaviour Change Motives

“Individuals experience multiple pressures and forces when deciding how to act in situations. These forces that are either driving movement toward a goal or blocking movement toward a goal.”

Behaviour change campaigns are often based on the premise that changing behaviour is all about changing minds. Influence...

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Blog: Just in Time? Helping Legal Services Consumers

“The latest research suggests that both ‘just in time’ and ‘just in case’ techniques have considerable potential to help consumers make better decisions.”

With legal aid cuts likely to bite, a new review that we conducted for the Legal Services Board highlights how we can help legal...

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Blog: Tomorrow’s World

“Marketing and communications professionals need to do some future-proofing.”

Many questioned Facebook’s recent decision to buy Oculus Rift, a piece of virtual reality kit which immerses users in a...

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Blog: Sad Is Bad For Financial Decision Making

“How you feel can influence how you make important financial decisions.”

With 1000s of people expected to make last-minute ISA investments this week, new research highlights the potential influence of...

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Blog: Three ways to “Achieve More With Less”

“Money is tight so budgets are being cut. That’s difficult and demoralising enough. But when you hear the words “Achieve more with less” you know it’s worse than that.”

Money is tight so budgets are being cut. That’s difficult and demoralising enough. But when you hear the words “Achieve...

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Blog: Are You More Likely To Click On Question Headlines?

“New research suggests that self-referencing questions increase the readership of tweets, blogs and other online communications.”

Marketeers are desperate to understand what makes you and I, quite literally, click. With all of us exposed to hundreds of new...

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Blog: Auto-Enrolment Not Enough for Retirement Saving

“The implementation of auto-enrolment alone won’t secure long-term commitment to retirement saving”

New research out this week from the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) paints a relatively positive picture of...

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Blog: Filling The Higher Education Funding Black Hole

“There are no easy options: It’s around this time of year that we would usually be expecting Ministers at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to send their annual grant letter to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). However, the news that the letter has been delayed confirms that this year could see some surprises. ”

It’s around this time of year that we would usually be expecting Ministers at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills...

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Blog: Our Three 2013 Predictions That Actually Happened

“We’ve picked out three predictions we made in 2013 that turned out to be quite prescient after all.”

Just like everyone else, in the first full week after the holidays we’ve been reading a lot of predictions for the year ahead....

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