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Case Study: Circle Housing

“The project aims to influence the way staff and customers think about their finances and encourage financial planning.”

Brief Linstock was commissioned to develop a behaviour change communications strategy for the launch of Circle Housing Money,...

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Case Study: Census 2011

“Stand up and be counted: including Ethnic minorities in the 2011 Census”

The census is a comprehensive population survey, reaching 26 million households in England and Wales. Census results shape...

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Case Study: Equal Approach

“Big impact on a small budget: tightly targeted communications”

Equal Approach came to Linstock with a clear objective: help them sign up 500 volunteers with The Mentoring and Befriending...

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Case Study: Fidelity

“Applying the latest research to influence investor behaviour”

Fidelity worked with Linstock to improve its understanding of people’s investment behaviour, especially in relation to...

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Case Study: Harborough

“Managing reputation during transformational change”

Local authorities across the country are grappling with the challenges of budget cuts and a more localist approach. Linstock...

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Case Study: Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Understanding hotspots for driving un-insured

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau is a not for profit body that provides compensation to car accident victims when the driver...

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Case Study: Southend Borough Council

“Sustainable transport: unlocking the change”

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council was awarded a grant from the Department for Transport to improve economic growth and reduce...

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Blog: Behavioural Science For B2B Marketers’

“Behavioural science should become B2B Marketers' (Nudge)Stock in Trade, to give a better understanding of how people think and act and improve campaign impact.”

Forget Glastonbury, the biggest festival in June was Nudgestock, an affectionate homage to the power of choice architecture,...

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Blog: Daft Punk & The Digital Brain

“As Daft Punk famously sang, when it comes to your thought leadership: work it harder, make it better.”

Received wisdom holds that sales and marketing materials need to look slick and professional. Fonts that are easy on the eye,...

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Blog: How too much work shuts off your creative brain

“More rest for the wonderful: Could working better mean working less and resting more? ”

The UK has a productivity problem. Germany beats us, as does France. Even siesta-loving Italians get more done than we do. And...

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Blog: How to Avoid a January Fail

Senior Consultant

“How can corporate communications professionals prevent January from getting the better of us? Nurture your collective ambition. ”

Studies show that less than 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Most of us set too many goals, without...

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Blog: Food for Thought: Helping People In Poverty


“How can we help those in poverty make better decisions, and why have policymakers consistently struggled to make a significant dent in poverty reduction?”

Reports released last week reveal that a large percentage of the UK population is struggling to escape the poverty...

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Blog: Communications Lessons from the Angry Cheeto

“Is he a Persuader-in-Chief? It can be hard for people to relate to jargon-filled corporate presentations and reports.”

Donald Trump must hold the record for the number of nicknames created for a presidential candidate. From Barbecued Brutus and...

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Blog: Je Ne Regrette Rien? Brexit & Behavioural Science

“In the case of the EU referendum, it seems like many of the simplification strategies pointed towards Leave.”

New reports show that significant numbers of people regret the decision they made in the EU referendum. A Survation poll claims...

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Blog: Nudging Towards Diversity and Gender Equality

“Diversity bias will take a long time to overcome and full gender equality is decades away”

Diversity and gender equality were hot topics at Behavioural Exchange 2016, the annual event for policy wonks and academic...

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Blog: Are We All Beliebers Around Big Data?

“When it comes to making decisions, does the rise of big data indicate a shift in favour of reason in the creative industries?”

Christopher Price, Radio 1’s newly appointed head of music, recently said that the station ought to wean itself away from an...

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Blog: Using Behavioural Science to Help Legal Consumers

“On the Legal Aid anniversary, we explore a series of tools designed to help people overcome common biases and ultimately make better decisions.”

The start of April marks three years since cuts to Legal Aid reshaped the UK legal landscape. It is not just the legal industry...

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Blog: Plastic Bag Charges A Load Of Rubbish?

“Unless we apply the latest thinking from behavioural science, wholesale behaviour change may not be quite in the bag.”

Under new rules introduced on Monday, many shoppers in England will be charged 5p to use a plastic bag. The hope is that the...

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Blog: Are Negative Endorsements Boosting Jeremy Corbyn?

“In keeping with the laws of unintended consequences, it seems all these ‘negative endorsements’ could actually help the Corbyn camp.”

It’s a peculiarity of politics that what you’re not is often as valid a foundation for a campaign as what you are. Pepsi...

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Blog: Is 2015 The Year Local Newspapers Died?

“If we accept that the image of people all sitting down to read the local newspaper every morning is nothing more than an old-fashioned dream, what can be done to ensure local news is not consigned to history? ”

What with the situation in Greece, the election of a new leader for the Lib Dems and fierce debate over Labour’s position on...

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Blog: EU Referendum: High Stakes, Bad Decisions?

“When it comes to base instinct versus logical deduction, we lean closer to the characteristics of Homer Simpson than we do Mr. Spock.”

Now that the Conservatives have secured a parliamentary majority, a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is...

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Blog: Where next for retirement income?

“Times are changing in the world of retirement finances”

Times are changing in the world of retirement finances. April’s pensions freedoms have altered the industry beyond recognition...

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Blog: Can I be electric too?

“It seems that the initiatives to date have failed to address perception issues that prevent electric vehicles going mainstream.”

We’re all from families full of eccentrics, if the Gallagher brothers are to be believed, because the UK is turning electric....

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Blog: How can we get ‘Pension wise’?

“The ‘Pension wise’ brand is a good start, but there’s not long left. They’ve got their work cut out.”

So, a little under three months from the introduction of the government’s wide-ranging pension reforms, the guidance guarantee...

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Blog: Talking Rubbish – littering and behaviour change

“This week, MPs on the Commons Communities & Local Government Committee will be talking rubbish…”

This week, MPs on the Commons Communities & Local Government Committee will be talking rubbish…as they grill executives from...

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Blog: Group Decision Making: Two Heads Over One?

“Research shows there are circumstances when group performance is actually worse than individual decision making, but how can groups manage biases to their advantage?”

The tendency for behavioural scientists to focus on individual aspects of decision making neglects the fact that many important...

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Blog: Could Community Solve Transport Challenges?

“Could emphasising well-being and community be a way to convince people to change how they travel?”

Three transport-related stories caught my eye this month because they share a common, but not immediately obvious theme. There...

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