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Blog: Are Negative Endorsements Boosting Jeremy Corbyn?

“In keeping with the laws of unintended consequences, it seems all these ‘negative endorsements’ could actually help the Corbyn camp.”

Published: August 27, 2015

It’s a peculiarity of politics that what you’re not is often as valid a foundation for a campaign as what you are. Pepsi...

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Case studies: Canada Life

“Taking a leadership position when others step back”

Published: July 21, 2015

Linstock began working with retirement income provider Canada Life (formerly Retirement Advantage, and prior to that MGM...

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Blog: Is 2015 The Year Local Newspapers Died?

“If we accept that the image of people all sitting down to read the local newspaper every morning is nothing more than an old-fashioned dream, what can be done to ensure local news is not consigned to history? ”

Published: July 16, 2015

What with the situation in Greece, the election of a new leader for the Lib Dems and fierce debate over Labour’s position on...

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Blog: EU Referendum: High Stakes, Bad Decisions?

“When it comes to base instinct versus logical deduction, we lean closer to the characteristics of Homer Simpson than we do Mr. Spock.”

Published: June 16, 2015

Now that the Conservatives have secured a parliamentary majority, a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is...

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Blog: Where next for retirement income?

“Times are changing in the world of retirement finances”

Published: May 29, 2015

Times are changing in the world of retirement finances. April’s pensions freedoms have altered the industry beyond recognition...

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Blog: Can I be electric too?

“It seems that the initiatives to date have failed to address perception issues that prevent electric vehicles going mainstream.”

Published: March 3, 2015

We’re all from families full of eccentrics, if the Gallagher brothers are to be believed, because the UK is turning electric....

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Blog: Universities Need More Than Employability Statistics

“Universities are no longer competing among themselves for applicants, but are increasingly up against blue chip companies in attracting ambitious school leavers.”

Published: January 29, 2015

In the midst of fierce competition for students, many universities are tripping over themselves to showcase their credentials in...

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Blog: Talking Rubbish: Littering & Behaviour Change

“This week, MPs on the Commons Communities & Local Government Committee will be talking rubbish…”

Published: January 6, 2015

This week, MPs on the Commons Communities & Local Government Committee will be talking rubbish…as they grill executives...

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Blog: Black & White Diversity Decisions for Businesses?

“It needs to be demonstrated that diversity is right, and that it’s right for business.”

Published: November 20, 2014

This week the Institute of Directors (IoD) hosted an event to debate the role of ethnic representation in UK boardrooms – or,...

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Blog: Could Community Solve Transport Challenges?

“Could emphasising well-being and community be a way to convince people to change how they travel?”

Published: September 29, 2014

Three transport-related stories caught my eye this month because they share a common, but not immediately obvious theme. There...

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Blog: Putting the Brakes on Sustainable Scottish Travel?

“Car travel is up in Scotland, despite efforts to promote sustainable transport. So, what has contributed to this change? And why are existing campaigns failing to make an impact?”

Published: August 21, 2014

Last week Transport Scotland released their annual Transport and Travel Statistics Bulletin, showing that car drivers and...

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Blog: A Will & Way: Behaviour Change Motives

“Individuals experience multiple pressures and forces when deciding how to act in situations. These forces that are either driving movement toward a goal or blocking movement toward a goal.”

Published: August 7, 2014

Behaviour change campaigns are often based on the premise that changing behaviour is all about changing minds. Influence...

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Behaviour Change: Circle Housing

“The project aims to influence the way staff and customers think about their finances and encourage financial planning.”

Published: July 16, 2014

Circle Housing Group is one of the UK's largest providers of affordable housing with over 70,000 properties across the...

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Blog: How Can People Move Towards Pensions Guidance?

“Having new freedoms without the knowledge to execute them well will have far reaching consequences. ”

Published: June 13, 2014

This week saw the deadline for those wanting to respond to HM Treasury’s consultation into the new freedoms and choices in...

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Behaviour Change: Retirement Decisions: Insights from Behavioural Economics

“With annuity rates at historic lows and inflation eating into income, it’s critical that people make good money decisions when they retire.”

Published: December 4, 2013

Over the next 5 years, nearly 3.5 million people in the UK will be making decisions about their retirement income. Despite worthy...

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Blog: Leveson: Press, polls and public opinion

“What does the public really think about press regulation? It depends on how they're asked...”

Published: November 29, 2012

Today’s Leveson inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the press is likely to divide political opinion. But what...

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Behaviour Change: Census 2011

“Stand up and be counted: including Ethnic minorities in the 2011 Census”

Published: August 23, 2012

The census is a comprehensive population survey, reaching 26 million households in England and Wales. Census results shape public...

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Behaviour Change: Fidelity

“Applying the latest research to influence investor behaviour”

Published: August 23, 2012

Fidelity is one of the world’s largest asset management companies and a leading provider of workplace savings plans in the US...

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Behaviour Change: Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Understanding hotspots for driving un-insured

Published: August 23, 2012

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is a not for profit body that provides compensation to car accident victims when the driver...

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Behaviour Change: Southend Borough Council

“Sustainable transport: unlocking the change”

Published: August 23, 2012

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council was awarded a grant from the Department for Transport to improve economic growth and reduce...

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