Jon Bennett

Position: Director

“Good communication changes minds and makes people take action.”

It’s a potent tool for helping organisations achieve their goals. But too often it’s an afterthought – companies do something, then tell people about it. I think communication has far more to offer than that. A firm belief in the commercial value of communication is what led us to found Linstock, and it underpins the suite of services we offer today

For my part, some of my week is taken up running the business, but much of the time I’m client facing. I provide strategic guidance to thought leadership programmes and advise clients through crisis situations. My clients have included British Gas, Newcastle and Aston Universities, Circle Housing, Commercial Estates Group, the Office for National Statistics, Beacon Capital Partners and a number of local authorities and regional development bodies. I’ve sat on the Public Relations Consultants Association Diversity Group and written regular columns on politics and leadership for the Chartered Management Institute.

During my 20-year career I’ve held in-house roles in Parliament, in a local authority, for a FTSE 250 engineering company and with a range of public bodies. I’m also a governor at my local primary school.

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