Tyron Wilson

Plenty of thought leadership is very good at asking the right questions; not enough of it is good at answering them.



At Linstock, I work with clients such as Retirement Advantage, Bovill and Decision Technology to deliver thought leadership and media relations. This has included launching Retirement Advantage’s (now Canada Life) annual Retirement Sentiments Index report, Bovill’s research on the unintended consequences of financial services senior managers regimes, and helping to craft Decision Technology’s white paper on the threat fintech startups pose to established banks.

I like working at Linstock because we understand that thought leadership can’t just re-package old content: it has to re-define. It needs to put front and centre (and in plain English) insight that genuinely moves the conversation on.

My background is in PR and research, having worked for a London-based PR company where I wrote and promoted research reports and articles for blue chip FTSE 100 clients, generating coverage across UK national media such as Radio 4, the Financial Times and the Daily Mail. Prior to that, I worked for an opinion pollster and as a campaigns organiser for the Labour Party.

With a BA in Politics and Statistics from the University of Essex, my strengths are in data analysis and in absorbing complex information, backed up by a thorough understanding of politics, policy, economics and real estate.