Thought Leadership Marketing: How to Succeed in the New Content Battleground

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Thought leadership is the new battleground for B2B marketers fighting to differentiate their brand from the competition.

Leading management and recruitment consultancies are being joined by a growing body of law firms, accountants and property companies all laying claim to new intellectual territory in an effort to open up new commercial conversations.

We believe, however, that much of what claims to be thought leadership is anything but.

Rather than lighting up the world with agenda-setting insight, lots of content is a regurgitation of existing thinking or thinly veiled sales copy. This approach can generate a few media headlines, tweets and LinkedIn likes, but the brand exposure will be short-lived, unengaging and, ultimately, commercially unsuccessful.

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• Download a list of actions to help inform your approach to thought leadership

Thought leadership marketing is an effective way to demonstrate empathy with clients and drive commercial success through the power of your insight and ideas. But fail to provide a fresh angle and you’re in real danger of wasting hard won budget and resource.

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