“There haven’t been many good weeks for the pound since the Brexit vote. But following Italy’s referendum last week, the pound’s strength has risen in value to 1.18 euros.”

In the News

Good Week: Women in Sport
The number of women playing sport regularly in England has soared to 7.21 million, according to Sport England’s Active People Survey. This includes a rise of 250,000 female participants since Sport England launched its This Girl Can campaign in 2014. This effort has narrowed the difference between the number of men and women playing sport to 1.55 million. Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price said: “These figures are really encouraging…Our This Girl Can campaign set out to tackle the gender gap, so to reduce it significantly in just two years shows we are making a difference.”

Bad Week: Boris Johnson
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has criticised Britain’s century-old ally Saudi Arabia. Speaking at a conference in Rome, he said that politicians in the Gulf region were abusing religion to further their own political objectives. He continued: “That’s why you have these proxy wars being fought in that area -there is not strong enough leadership in the countries themselves.” The comments came as Prime Minister Theresa May returned from a visit to the Gulf during which she praised the Saudi royal family for its visionary leadership. With Boris Johnson set to visit the region this weekend, his latest gaffe could lend itself to quite an awkward meeting with Saudi leaders.

Good Week: The Pound
There haven’t been many good weeks for the pound since the Brexit vote. But following Italy’s referendum last week, the pound’s strength has risen in value to 1.18 euros. But is this a temporary lull after the post referendum dip? The imminent triggering of Article 50 in 2017 could further impact the pound and heighten volatility. Perhaps the current exchange rate is just an early Christmas present for those heading overseas this month, rather than something that is here to stay.

Bad Week: The Police
306 police officers have been accused of using their position of authority to sexually exploit people, an investigation has shown. The report assessed whether the public saw officers as consistently behaving fairly, ethically and within the law. Though overall, forces came out fairly well – two forces were graded as outstanding, five were seen to require improvement and no forces were graded inadequate – hundreds of allegations have been made against individual police officers. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the report was “shocking” and stated: “It undermines justice and public confidence and there is no place in the police for anyone guilty of this sort of abuse.”

Linstock News
Members of the Linstock team attended an Intelligence Squared event with Tim Harford and the BBCs Kamal Ahmed, which sparked an office debate over the merits of a messy desk.

Client News
Baringa Partners appeared in the Financial Times’ Business of Consulting Guide commenting on the rise of the mid-size management consultancy.

Coming Up
Members of the Linstock team will be attending an event entitled “Will Brexit take the power out of UK energy?”