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Artificial Intelligence and robotics are a challenge for all sectors. But they also provide a great opportunity. Consultant Jen Evans attended the FS Forum’s event on the future of media planning which looked at how media buyers could make use of technology to increase transparency and improve outcomes.

Brands have always needed to tell a story. But with the technology constantly evolving and shifting, the way in which they tell that story has needed to change. Senior Consultant Jessica Nicholls attended the PM Forum’s ‘Brand storytelling in a digital world’ and shared her thoughts on the insights from the speakers.

Writing in CIPR Influence magazine, Director Simon Maule comments on our new research into to the purpose of thought leadership and how this will change over the next five to ten years. We asked 80 senior communications leaders how they think thought leadership will develop and looked at the impact this will have on the evolution of comms.

With Chris Froome heading for another Tour de France victory, Consultant Jennifer Evans writes for Influence Magazine on thought leadership lessons from Team Sky.

One year on from the Brexit vote, Senior Consultant Jessie Nicholls writes for PR Week on key lessons on delivering compelling campaigns during Brexit and other times of uncertainty.

Theresa May’s two closest advisers quit after the General Election, following accusations that the PM relied too closely on a small circle of trusted voices to make big decisions. In an article for CIPR Influence, Keith Brookbank explores why communications campaigns dreamed up behind closed doors rarely, if ever, result in big success.

MD Jon Bennett comments on our thought leadership work with Grant Thornton in the latest issue of CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations ‘s Influence Magazine.

Donald Trump’s communications activity has provided plenty of food for thought during his first 100 days as President. As he approaches the milestone, Linstock’s Managing Director Jon Bennett gives his verdict on Trump’s presidency so far for PR Week

Senior Consultant Jessie Nicholls commented on the use of celebrities to support PR campaigns for PR Moment. Click here to read the full article.

Three years on from the disappearance of flight MH370, MD Jon Bennett writes for Influence on the crisis communications lessons we can take from Malaysia Airlines’ handling of the situation.

Our very own Rohini Aggarwal writes for PRCA on diversity. With the withdrawal of government funding from Creative Access, we look at what this will mean for ensuring BAME representation in the creative industries.

It’s been 20 years since the world was first introduced to Dolly the Sheep. The story of this famous clone offers some important communications lessons for brands. In an article for Influence Magazine, Director Keith Brookbank looks at how thought leadership can help brands stand out from the crowd with their own research and a fresh perspective on a pressing issue. In other words, to be the shepherd and not the sheep.

Cyber attacks have affected some of the UK’s biggest brands and comms teams can’t afford to ignore the issue. In an article for PR Week, Consultant Jennifer Evans explains why comms teams must be prepared to respond to cyber attacks and what key elements their crisis plans should include.

Cybercrime is one of the biggest concerns of businesses. But what could it mean for universities who hold huge amounts of personal data about their students? Senior Consultant Tom Yazdi writes for Wonkhe on how university comms teams might handle a cyber attack and how they can be prepared, should the worst happen. Universities should take these three steps to cyber preparedness

As 2016 draws to a close, we look at the top marketing trends for 2017 and examine how thought leadership will continue to take centre stage on Generate Solution’s website.

MD Jon Bennett provided his expert opinion on the ongoing woes of Southern Rail and their attempt to turn the attention on the unions in this article for PR Week.

Director Keith Brookbank featured in The FS Forum’s Argent magazine discussing how financial services organisations can benefit from taking a thought leadership approach. To read the full article click: Follow the Leader

MD Jon Bennett talked about the lessons from the fall of ‘Brand Blair’ for PR Week.

Junior Consultant Matt Dickinson looked at why we should use the summer to think strategically about thought leadership projects Forget silly season and think long term

In the latest issue of CIPR’s Influence magazine, Director Simon Maule is quoted explaining how the communications industry needs to look beyond AVE measurements and use behavioural science to measure campaign success. Measuring PR: What comes after AVE?

Director Simon Maule’s comment on the Mitsubishi data scandal featured in an article on PR Week which compared it to the VW scandal.

Simon Maule writes for PR Week to mark Twitter’s tenth birthday, arguing that the social media site can be a powerful channel for bright brands to share their big ideas with the audiences that matter. Simon Maule on why opportunity knocks for the brightest brands on Twitter

Director Keith Brookbank writes for FT Adviser on placing your financial future in the hands of robo-advisers.Putting financial futures in hands of lines of code

As the term robo-advice grows ever more present in conversations among the UK’s financial services community, Linstock’s Keith Brookbank writes for the Financial Services Forum on why establishing trust between humans and machines is essential if robo-advice is to take off. OK Computer – Paving The Way For Robo-Advice

Managing Director Jon Bennett features in Education Executive magazine, discussing how a school should act in times of crisis. Jon Bennett on how schools should handle crises

With more and more organisations facing both operations-led and values-led issues crises, including Marks and Spencer and HMV, Jon Bennett writes for Professional Manager outlining effective ways of dealing with both: 5 (Quietly effective) examples of crisis management

With a ‘big bang’ in media sources transforming corporate communications, Simon Maule writes for Marketing Week on why only thought leadership offers B2B brands an opportunity to create a long-term platform for owned, earned and paid media success: Driving commercial success through the power of ideas

Following the Behavioural Exchange 2015 conference, read Simon Maule’s article for PR Week on how the communications industry can learn from the social sciences: A nudge and a think: Applying behavioural science in PR

Jon Bennett writes for The Huffington Post on why universities will have to work hard to demonstrate their value during the most competitive clearing process yet: Clearing the Way: How Can Universities Remain Attractive in the Face of Financial Pressures and Corporate Alternatives?

Simon Maule looks at communications techniques to address tax avoidance for PR Week: HMRC threat of reputational damage may do more harm than good

Read Simon Maule’s comment in PR Week exploring the issue of apologies and reputation: A gallant apology – Why did Mitsubishi’s brave expression of remorse trigger a domino effect?

Arlen Pettitt explains for PRexamples how the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has got it right with its innovative use of a variety of social media platforms: Bringing art to the Snapchat generation

Read Jon Bennett’s article describing Harriet Harman’s tough balancing act in Professional Manager magazine: Why Harriet Harman’s welfare stance is a tough balancing act

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