Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 12 August 2016

“We will be taking part in a webinar exploring the role of SEO in the communications industry”

In the News

Good week: Renewable energy
Scotland reached a significant milestone in the pursuit of the full use of renewable energy this week. Thanks to 115mph winds, for the first time on record, wind turbines generated more electricity than was used in the whole of Scotland on a single day. The Director of World Wide Fund for Nature in Scotland (WWF) has urged the Scottish Government to commit to a new and ambitious target of supplying half of all Scotland’s energy needs, including heat and transport, from renewables by 2030.

Bad week: Retail banks
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released a long awaited review into competition in banking on Tuesday. The report highlighted the potential role of new phone-based apps in helping customers choose between banks. While the CMA has suggested a package of reforms to make banking easier for customers, they have been widely criticised for not going far enough. Concerns around the reliance on technology as a solution has been raised by several voices including Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee.

Good week: Team GB
Max Whitlock, a member of team Great Britain, won a medal in an Olympic all-round gymnastics competition – the first time this has been done by a Briton in 108 years. Bronze medal winner Whitlock has been heralded on social media as a legend of British Sport. The only other person to have achieved the distinction was Walter Tysall at the London Games of 1908 when rope climbing was still part of the competition. The win is a boost for Team GB and for national pride, but is also likely to have a positive impact on the sport of gymnastics in the UK.

Bad week: Snapchat
Snapchat has received a backlash this week over a filter on the app that, according to many users, promotes racist stereotypes of Asians. The filter featured what a spokesperson from Snapchat called “an Anime-inspired lens”. Following widespread accusations with one critic on Twitter calling it “the most overly racist filter ever” Snapchat was forced to remove the filter from the app.

Linstock News

The Southern rail strike was a big topic of discussion this week, reported as one of the longest rail strikes London has seen. Linstock carried out a social listening exercise to gauge the reputational damage of the strike on both Southern Rail and the RMT Union. In the days leading up to the strike, we found that the majority of people were looking to blame Southern Rail – yet as the week progressed, 60% of the 12,000 tweets posted blamed the RMT Union.

Client News

Retirement Advantage Equity Release featured in a number of trades including Financial Reporter and Property Reporter. Their latest figures reveal that in the first half of 2016, 7% of their customers were purchasing an equity release product to help a first time buyer.

Coming Up
We will be taking part in a webinar exploring the role of SEO in the communications industry.