Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 15th April 2016

“We’ll be debuting our new Thought Leadership video next week. Watch this space. ”

Good Week: 80s rock stars and diversity
Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen have created a buzz on social media after cancelling performances in the States to make a stand in favour of equal rights. The 80s rock gods added weight to the growing protests against a decision by the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, to allow businesses to refuse services to same-sex couples, so long as that couple’s existence conflicts with the religious beliefs or moral convictions of the business owner.

Bad Week: Zac Goldsmith
As the London mayoral election hots up, Zac Goldsmith is in the spotlight this week for failing to declare his family’s financial interests during a heated debate in Westminster. Between November 2011 and February 2012, Zac Goldsmith was particularly vocal in parliament questioning the Government’s decision to slash subsidies to the solar industry. Goldsmith omitted to mention that his brother’s business would be directly affected. Opinion polls show Goldsmith lagging behind Labour’s Sadiq Khan with just three weeks to go to the vote.

Good Week: Property investors
Experts from Cambridge University have created a scientific formula to predict up-and-coming neighbourhoods in London. Using Hackney as a prime example, the study argues that areas with a high level of deprivation and high social diversity are apt for gentrification. The UK Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) shows that Hackney has undergone the fastest development with house prices increasing by £200,000 in the past six years.

Bad Week: Time-wasting teenagers
In a bid to meet a recruitment target of 30,000 reservists by 2018, the Army Reserves has introduced an unusual recruitment drive by trying to engage teenagers and young people by labelling them as time-wasters. A new survey claims that the average respondent wastes most of their day gaming or on social media, despite wanting to learn new skills, volunteer and be more adventurous. The research concludes that young people should forget virtual shoot ‘em ups and join the real Army to gain new skills and experiences, such as travel, adventure training and ‘peace-keeping exercises’.

Linstock News
Big data is big business. We explore whether the rise of big data indicates a shift away from passion in favour of reason in the creative industries. Read our latest blog to find out what we mean, ‘Are we all Beliebers when it comes to big data?’

Client News
Aston University’s Dr Claire Farrow featured in a Daily Mail article on the root causes of emotional eating. The psychology expert also appeared on BBC Radio 5live to discuss the findings, which argue that using junk food as a treat or reward for children can lead to emotional eating in later years.

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We’ll be debuting our new Thought Leadership video next week. Watch this space.