Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 17 June 2016

“We'll be at the Talent & Recruitment Employment Conference to discuss how firms can use thought leadership marketing to attract and retain the best people”

In the News

Bad week: Phillip Green
Sir Phillip Green apologised for the collapse of BHS during a six-hour appearance before the Business and Work and Pensions select committees earlier this week. The retail tycoon’s insistence mid-way through the session that MP Richard Fuller stop staring at him saw the web quickly flooded with meme’s drawing parallels between the outburst and Robert De Niro’s iconic performance in Taxi Driver. The manner with which Green chooses to follow-up his promise to ‘sort out’ BHS’s pension deficit will no doubt permanently shape his reputation and legacy. Our latest social listening research finds that social media sentiment towards Green following his appearance was 36% negative, 5% positive and 59% neutral.

Good Week: LinkedIn
Microsoft made history this week with the third-largest acquisition in the history of the tech industry, buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Though LinkedIn boasts 430 million registered users and 100 million monthly site visits, a 40% drop in the company’s share price over just 24 hours in February has led many to see this as a risky deal for Microsoft. That being said, the importance of the LinkedIn platform to B2B communications campaigns could see it grow yet.

Bad Week: Trump
A bad week for Donald Trump has seen Hilary Clinton pull streets ahead in the latest polls, with some surveys reporting her ahead by as much as ten points. It seems the bullish billionaire’s contradictory campaign may have come back to bite him. His recent comments in the wake of the Orlando tragedy, in which he stated that America should vote for him to protect the LGBT community from Muslims, led to a social media backlash. Thousands of twitter users began using the hashtag #AskTheGays to accuse Trump of formerly homophobic rhetoric and opportunism in the wake of a national tragedy.

Good Week: English footballers
A clash of British titans this week saw English footballers keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. Daniel Sturridge’s 91st minute winner closed a tense affair which had been proceeded by plenty of media gamesmanship. Wales star Gareth Bale claimed earlier in the week that no English footballer would make it into his national side’s first eleven. English players no doubt toyed with returning the insult, but given that the Real Madrid winger is one of the world’s greatest, perhaps realised it would be a hard retort to justify.

Client News

The news that Retirement Advantage has become the first company to enhance its equity release product range in light of FCA changes to affordability assessments was covered by Financial Reporter, Mortgage Solutions and Mortgage Finance Gazette.

Coming Up

We’ll be attending a lecture exploring the impact of collective intelligence and how leadership teams can learn from diverse skillsets.

We’ll also be at the Talent & Recruitment Employment Conference to discuss how firms can use thought leadership marketing to attract and retain the best people.