Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 19 February 2016

“TheCityUK’s Chris Cummings featured in the FT, City A.M. and BBC News commenting on HSBC’s decision to remain headquartered in London.”

In the News

Good Week: Volvo
Volvo has launched a new campaign, ‘Vision 2020’, designed to cut vehicle-related deaths. The advert encourages car manufacturers to put safety at the forefront of design and features images of car crashes alongside a little girl asking “what if a car maker thought differently?” The powerful visuals have been discussed widely on social media and while some people have questioned the legitimacy of emotive advertising, the advert has been successful in raising awareness of a critical issue.

Bad Week: Donald Trump
Donald Trump dug himself a hole this week when he called Pope Francis disgraceful in response to being criticised about his proposal for a wall along the US-Mexican border. Within hours, the Republican frontrunner backtracked on his comments, instead praising the Pope for “doing a great job.” Given that many of his supporters are deeply religious, Trump made sure to emphasise the fact that he is proud of his faith. The Republican Primary in South Carolina, where Catholics currently make up nine per cent of the electorate, takes place tomorrow when we’ll see if the papal tiff affects the result.

Good Week: Standard of living
It’s looking like long life and prosperity for the younger generation, as a new forecast by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) predicts that by 2050 most of today’s teenagers will live like millionaires. According to the Think Tank’s report, ‘The UK and the World in 2050,’ workers in the UK will be earning twice as much in real terms and the concept of retirement will generally disappear in the next 30 years. Dr Pirie, President of the ASI, also explained that quality of life will improve with increased longevity and millionaire status being largely fuelled by pensions.

Bad Week: Universities & widening access
Analysis by the Press Association reveals that Oxford and Cambridge are among several Russell Group universities where the percentage of students from disadvantaged families is lower compared to a decade ago. Oxford has the lowest proportion of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, declining from 12.3 per cent to 10 per cent in the last 10 years. Jo Johnson, Universities Minister, said the figures “underscore a worrying lack of progress at some institutions.”

Client News

TheCityUK’s Chris Cummings featured in the FT, City A.M. and BBC News commenting on HSBC’s decision to remain headquartered in London. The announcement was described as “a vote of confidence in London’s position as the world’s leading international financial centre.”

Andrew Tully, Pensions Technical Director at Retirement Advantage, was quoted in Financial Adviser noting that 42 per cent of people trust advisers more than they trust the internet or their spouses.

Willis Owen featured in Money Observer and Your Money this week, discussing new research revealing retail investors’ attitudes to risk, which have seen a marked reduction over the last year.

Coming Up

We’ll be attending a Financial Services Forum event to discuss how to improve messaging and marketing in an attempt to close the retirement savings gap.

We’ll also be exploring how businesses can use social listening software to gain a better understanding of their target audiences.

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