Linstock’s Friday Takeaway- 2 September 2016

“Calls for a complete overhaul referendums amid criticism of both the stay and leave campaign”

In the news

Good week: Bourne End jewellers
What could have been a bad week for Helen Glover’s Olympic medal ended happily when Bourne End jewellers repaired the damage done by Helen’s fiancé, Steve Backshall, dropping it onto concrete. Perhaps the most upsetting part of the story was the stunning revelation that gold medals are in fact silver, plated with gold.

Bad Week: Referendum’s ‘democratic deficiencies’
The Electoral Reform Society has critiqued both the Leave and Remain camps’ communications in the run up to the EU Referendum, saying that people felt ‘ill-informed’. This has led to calls for a complete overhaul of the referendum democratic structure. Recommendations include using a public body to intervene when misleading claims are made; implementing a compulsory 6-month campaign time; and reducing the voting age from 18 to 16.

Good week: Single parents
The Office of National Statistics this week published figures which revealed that for the first time ever, two-thirds of single parents were in work between April and June 2016. The statistics also showed that the number of households where no one works has dropped to 3.1 million, the lowest level for the last 20 years. A record 17.6 million households now have at least one adult with a job.

Bad week: Bad dressers
Those with limited fashion sense are in the doldrums after the Social Mobility Commission’s recent report found that being a dedicated follower of fashion still helps you get ahead in the City of London. Chief amongst the fashion faux pas committed by graduates were wearing brown shoes, ill-fitting suits and the wrong kind of tie, all of which could be off putting to interviewers. The report made no mention of a dress code for women and stated: “Where issues relating to dress were raised by interviewees, it was almost always in relation to male business attire, underlining the strong association between investment banking and masculinity.”

Linstock News
Linstock’s latest blog looks at the reputational threat from cyberattacks. With high-profile cyberattacks like last year’s Ashley Maddison scandal becoming more and more prominent, we look at what businesses can do to prevent a cyberattack and how best to respond if they are attacked. We also provide ten questions your comms team must answer to be prepared for a cyber attack.

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Client news
Congratulations to both Newcastle University and Aston University, who have been shortlisted for Times Higher Education awards. Aston is in the running for Entrepreneurial University of the Year; while Newcastle is up for Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative, Excellence and Innovation in the Arts and International Collaboration of the Year.