Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 22 July 2016

“A new study by marketing network Affilinet reveals the importance of listening to your target audience on social media.”

In the News

Good Week: Social listening
A new study by marketing network Affilinet reveals the importance of listening to your target audience on social media. According to the survey of more than 2,000 Britons, millennials feel that brands often apply patronising generalisations to them. They also felt that the term millennial itself creates assumptions that are often misleading and inaccurate. When asked what kind of accounts they were most likely to follow on social media, 25 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds say they opt for money-saving choices while 20 per cent favour holiday and travel accounts.

Good Week: Donald Trump
Donald Trump has officially received the Republican presidential nomination. During his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention this week, Trump took the opportunity to outline his promise to fix America’s problems, declaring himself as America’s “law and order candidate”. Many commentators have applauded his speech, labelling his words on terrorism and domestic crime as bold and authoritative. Trump’s closing lines were “I am with you”, a contrast to rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “I am with her”.

Bad Week: Melania Trump
Melania Trump, wife of the Republican presidential candidate, has been heavily criticised for plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Some commentators believe this could have a significant negative impact on her husband’s reputation and reports suggest her communications faux pas has distracted voters from the bigger picture.

Bad Week: BT
An outage at BT broadband has left many people across the country unable to connect to the internet. The untimely incident comes a day after MPs warned that BT must “put its house in order” in a report on broadband provider Openreach. In an attempt to reassure frustrated customers, BT’s customer support Twitter account said it was attempting to restore its service as quickly as possible. However, it remains unclear when the problem will be fixed – the reputational challenge for BT will be how to engage with customers and keep them on-side given uncertainty over the service.

Client News

TheCityUK launched its UK Legal Services Report. The annual update highlights continued financial growth for UK-based legal services firms with gross fees up 1.3% to a record £30.9bn in 2014/15, the fifth successive year of growth against a backdrop of significant structural reform.

The latest findings from Retirement Advantage’s Property Value Tracker were covered by Mortgage Introducer. The research finds that the potential wealth available to over 55s across the UK through equity release hit £381bn in the three months to June. The magazine also published Product and Communications Manager Alice Watson’s new opinion piece on why the FCA’s changes to affordability assessments will spur innovation across the industry.

Linstock News

We welcomed a new member to the Linstock team, Jessie Nicholls, who has joined us as a Senior Consultant. In her latest blog, she explores the idea that introverts can be some of the best communicators and argues why they are particularly well-suited to thought leadership: ‘Communication doesn’t have to be loud’ it can be quiet, too’

Coming up

We’ll be attending a PRCA Health Group event discussing how effective communications can bring about change in public health systems.