Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 23 September 2016

“In Linstock’s latest blog, Managing Director, Jon Bennett, shares insights on power and the different ways in which it is expressed across the Higher Education sector”

In the News

Good week: Instagram
Instagram has doubled the number of advertisers on its app in six months from 200,000 in February to half a million this month. The photo-sharing social media platform has also reported having 500 million monthly active users. Businesses have particularly benefited from the introduction of business profiles, which allows customers to engage with firms more actively. James Quarles, global head of business and brand development at Instagram, also noted that the majority of Instagram’s ad campaigns have generated an increase in conversations on the platform, successfully getting people to take action or adopt a certain behaviour.

Bad week: Channel 4
What should have been good news has proven rather difficult for Channel 4 after outbidding the BBC for rights to the Great British Bake Off. The move sparked a resignation from hosts Mel and Sue and presenter Mary Berry with viewers expressing their loyalty to the BBC across social media. It has also led to questions around how Channel 4 will be able amplify the success of the popular programme.

Good week: Oxford University
Oxford University became the first UK university to top a global league. The Times Higher Education world university rankings placed Oxford University at number one, ahead of California Institute of Technology, the top performer for the past five years. Oxford University’s ranking as well as the positive results for many UK universities is good news for the Higher Education sector at a time of great uncertainty following the EU referendum result.

Bad week: Brangelina
Hollywood stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, announced their divorce this week, creating a frenzy across social media. Some are analysing the way in which Angelina Jolie released the public statement about their split – via online magazine TMZ as opposed to through print media, ensuring that the news would quickly spread on social media. Once the news broke on Twitter, hashtags about the divorce emerged as fans sided with either Brad or Angelina.

Linstock News
Linstock and WonkHE’s annual Higher Education (HE) Power List, compiled by a panel of HE experts, reveals the top 50 influencers in the Higher Education Sector. In Linstock’s latest blog, Managing Director, Jon Bennett, shares insights on power and the different ways in which it is expressed across the sector: ‘HE Power List 2016: The changing nature of power in a cynical world.

Client News
Congratulations to Newcastle University and Aston University for rising in The Times Higher Education 2016 world university rankings revealed this week.

Coming Up
We will be attending a Financial Services Forum event on branding, exploring the role of effective communications in strengthening a brand in the financial services sector.