Linstock’s Friday Takeaway: 5 February 2016

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In the news

Good Week: Top Gear
One of the UK’s most popular TV series, Top Gear, has welcomed Matt LeBlanc to join Chris Evans as a presenter. The timely announcement coincides with BBC Worldwide’s annual showcase, where Evans is set to unveil the new-look Top Gear TV show in a pitch to international television buyers. The BBC has high hopes for the American actor who is set to take Top Gear in a new direction. Known for his wit and charm in TV sitcom, Friends, LeBlanc is no stranger to cars, having famously built a Porsche out of cardboard boxes in “The One with Joey’s Porsche”. Let’s hope his Top Gear career doesn’t follow that particular model and crumble under pressure.

Good Week: Behavioural Science
Research from health and wellbeing start-up, StepJockey, has found that more than £100m could be saved if 15% of the country’s 348,000 nurses took the stairs instead of the lift while on duty. According to StepJockey, “a switch to the stairs would not just generate significant time, health and energy savings for the NHS, but would free-up hospital lifts for patients who most need them”. The Department of Health has recently been looking at new ways to apply behavioural science – this latest research is definitely a step in the right direction.

Bad Week: Atheists
A survey conducted by the ONS as part of a national well-being programme indicates a link between happiness and religion. The findings, which consider age, geography, employment and marital status, also reveal that atheists report lower levels of happiness, life satisfaction and self-worth compared to those with a religious affiliation. Surprisingly, Buddhists in the UK have one of the lowest levels of satisfaction at 7.61 out of 10, as opposed to Jewish people who topped the poll with an overall happiness rating of 7.9.

Bad Week: Women in the Media
A study conducted by the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff reveals that news websites regularly quote men as sources and experts even when leading stories with pictures of women. The researchers analysed over two million articles from more than 950 different news outlets finding that women tend to feature more in articles about fashion, entertainment and art as opposed to those involving sport or politics. Not only does this evidence highlight the disparity in the representation of women in the media, but also that gender stereotypes are still very much alive.

Linstock News

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Client News

TheCityUK’s CEO, Chris Cummings, featured in City A.M. and the Financial Times responding to Donald Tusk’s proposals for a new settlement for the UK’s EU membership. Cummings stated that the draft “is a key milestone in the reform negotiations.”

Linstock has been shortlisted in the PR Moment Awards under the community engagement campaign of the year category for our community-driven sustainable and active travel initiative with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Coming Up

We’ll be attending a talk at Google to discuss diversity and the future of the media.

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