Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 6 May 2016

“We’ll be exploring how robotics and new technologies can help solve the productivity puzzle and spark innovation”

In the News

Good Week: Leicester City
One of the most unpredictable football seasons in Premier League history culminated on Monday with plucky underdogs Leicester City beating footballing behemoths Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal to the title. The team’s monumental success sparked a social media frenzy, with its Instagram following hitting 609,000 on news of the victory, up 71% compared to the previous week. The question now is whether the Foxes can continue their momentum and establish themselves as an international brand of comparable stature to the UK’s best-known footballing names.

Bad Week: Zac Goldsmith
A bad seven days for Zac Goldsmith has seen the Conservative mayoral candidate receive criticism from renowned journalist Peter Oborne and senior fellow Conservative MP Andrew Boff. Both have challenged Goldsmith’s campaign team for repeatedly drawing attention to rival candidate Sadiq Khan’s Muslim faith. With provisional first-round results currently showing Khan 9% ahead of Goldsmith, the Conservative MP for Richmond may be hoping that his robust environmental credentials are enough to inspire a late surge of support.

Good Week: Virtual Reality
A recent study by Oxford University found that the use of Virtual Reality (VR) can substantially reduce levels of stress and paranoia. VR is a known concept in the gaming and entertainment industry but for the first time, the technology is being used by health services in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems. Although the computer tech isn’t set to solve all the problems of the world, other industries will be looking to see how else VR can be utilised.

Bad Week: New Day
Publishing group Trinity Mirror this week announced the closure of New Day. The sun has set on the publication of the newspaper just 10 weeks after its launch, with New Day falling well short of its 200,000 circulation target, achieving just 40,000 on average. Although Trinity Mirror investors responded positively to the news, the closure appears to be a blow to those advocating the protection of print media from digital takeover.

Client News
Matthew Gorton, joint head of the marketing, operations and systems group at Newcastle University Business School, featured in a food trade publication discussing a new initiative by the Business School to improve public procurement and reduce childhood obesity.

Coming Up
We’ll be exploring how robotics and new technologies can help solve the productivity puzzle and spark innovation.