Linstock’s Friday Takeaway – 8 July 2016

“Second round of voting shows the next UK Prime Minister will be a woman, a promising result in light of the fight for greater diversity in Westminster”

In the News

Good Week: Diversity in politics
Justice Secretary Michael Gove has been knocked out of the Conservative leadership contest which means the next UK Prime Minister will be a woman. Home Secretary Theresa May secured the most votes followed by Junior Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, a promising result in light of the fight for greater diversity in Westminster. The Guardian’s Tory leadership tracker, which lists each candidate’s declared supporters based on MPs’ public declarations on social media has shown increasing support for Theresa May throughout the week. However, when exploring who people talk about when discussing leadership online, Linstock’s social listening exercise found more chatter around Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, than May or any of the other candidates.

Bad Week: Tony Blair
The long awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq War in 2003 was published this week. The main findings reveal that former Prime Minister and Labour leader Tony Blair had overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and that military action was not a last resort. Despite staying composed during a press conference on Wednesday, Blair faces angry families looking to sue while commentators ponder the negative impact this will have on his legacy. Writing on the Chilcot report for PR Week, Linstock Director Jon Bennett explores the lessons communications professionals can learn about using evidence: ‘Chilcot: Lessons learned from the fall of ‘Brand Blair’’

Good Week: Wales
It’s been a good month for Wales’ image on the international stage. Thousands of proud fans will be welcoming the Wales football team in a celebratory open top bus parade from Cardiff Castle to the City Stadium this afternoon. Despite losing 2-0 to Portugal in the Euro 2016 semi-final, Wales has been heralded for its team spirit and excellent rapport with both fans and French locals. According to the Director of BBC Wales, the team’s inspiring performance and conduct throughout the tournament has resulted in record numbers of viewers across the principality.

Bad Week: Amanda Spielman
Amanda Spielman, Chairman of the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, has been rejected by the Education Select Committee for the position of the next head of Ofsted. Although backed by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, members of the committee have called the candidate arrogant and complacent. The National Union of Education has also raised concerns over Spielman’s lack of teaching experience. Morgan, who is sticking to her first choice, will have to pull out her best skills of persuasion in order to convince the committee at the next hearing.

Linstock News

Linstock’s Partner, Kohl PR, explores a German perspective on Brexit in the latest blog: ‘Leave, yes. Schadenfreude, no.’ According to Peter Rall, Managing Director of the Berlin-based firm, businesses in the UK and Germany will have to work together and take a greater leadership role in engaging policy makers as the UK negotiates its future relationship with the EU.

Members of the Linstock team sat on a judging panel with WonkHE, a Higher Education (HE) focused blog and think tank, to pull together a power list of the top institutions in the HE sector. Stay tuned for the results.

Client News

Aston University’s Professor Heiner Evanschitzky featured in Retail Week discussing trends in the sector in the context of Ramadan. According to the marketing expert, the UK’s big four grocers have a competitive advantage over their discount rivals when it comes to offering choice.

Coming Up

Members of the Linstock team will be attending an event exploring the human mind and decision making with Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker.