Crisis Management

“Sometimes, things go wrong. And when they do, your hard won reputation is in the firing line.”

Your organisation may have made mistakes or employees might have abused your trust. You could be the subject of rumour and hearsay – industry gossip or something more sinister – or you may be faced with an operational disaster completely outside your control. In any case, the way you communicate with your customers, employees, and shareholders, and the way you approach traditional and online media, could mean the difference between business-as-usual and a brand damaged beyond repair.

To help you come through a crisis, we take you through a three stage process:

Get prepared: We audit your state of readiness and then compile a crisis communications manual. This maps out strategic responses to the problems you face, provides practical information and communication materials you’ll need in a crisis, and includes response plans that can be put into action at short notice.

Get trained: We prepare your team for media and social media engagement. Our training covers press and broadcast interview techniques, social media training, personal presentation techniques and desktop exercises to support scenario planning.

Get support: We provide monitoring, advice and support from a team of seasoned experts who work alongside your management team throughout the crisis.
Our award winning team has successfully handled sensitive issues in the public, private and third sectors.

Throughout, we look at crises using a behavioural lens. This approach helps us to predict the likely audience reaction to specific risks and issues. By doing so, we can work with you to develop communications programmes that will help to manage the fall-out from bad news.

Lord Carlile of Berriew Q.C. said:
“Linstock has an outstanding team. They quickly get to grips with complex issues and understand how they will be perceived and interpreted by concerned parents, professional audiences and the media. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Steven Rose, Chief Executive, Choice Support, said:
“Linstock opened our eyes to potential risks, and strategies to deal with them, that would never have occurred to us on our own. Their team were highly professional and provided excellent support through a difficult and worrying time. I have no hesitation in recommending Linstock Communications.”

WINNER: Public Relations Consultants Association Issues and Crisis Management Award 2012

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