Thought Leadership

Thought leadership marketing puts clear water between you and the competition.

If you have to say you’re a thought leader, you’re probably not. But an effective thought leadership marketing campaign could have clients and customers saying it for you.

When brand differentiation is a challenge, thought leadership marketing puts clear blue water between you and the competition. When everyone is clamouring for share of voice, thought leadership marketing gives you a powerful presence across earned, owned and paid media. And if your business development and marketing teams need powerful material to generate leads and build your reputation, thought leadership can provide that platform.

Our team brings together two sets of skills that are rarely combined. On the one hand, research and analysis to unearth new insights and prepare credible evidence for your campaign. And on the other, creative delivery to communicate your ideas in the most compelling way and through the most appropriate channels.

We use a tried and tested process to create a genuine thought leadership position for each client. We look closely at competitor activity, previous media coverage and the work of influential organisations, including think tanks and trade bodies. We then conduct applied academic reviews and harness leading edge social listening technology to identify where there is room and demand for new ideas. Throughout, we keep your campaign tied to wider business goals.

We also apply the latest insights from behavioural science to ensure that communications materials are attuned to the simplified forms of thinking people often use to make judgements and decisions. This includes testing different messaging and channels to drive audience engagement and action.

We’re proud to say that our client, Grant Thornton International, won the “Thought leadership of the Year” at the International Accounting Bulletin 2017 awards for our work together on Women in Business.

Client testimonials

Carol Briggs, Associate Director, Marketing & Thought Leadership, Grant Thornton International:

“Linstock has become a trusted and very valuable thought leadership partner for us. They push the boundaries to come up with fresh ideas that make the most of our existing assets. From conducting interviews to data analysis and reporting, their work is always innovative and insightful.”

Julian Ladd, Market Vice President, Right Management:

“While the immediate results are impressive, the longer term value this has created for us as organisation is also very significant, and it is a model we plan to learn from, not just in the UK but also in a number of our key markets in Europe and Asia Pacific.”

More from linstock

As part of our activity with Grant Thornton International, we produce insights on women’s progress in occupying senior business positions.

Through a programme of public relations and thought leadership marketing, we work to establish a voice for the company across key industries and issues.

We developed content on women in leadership to help the company's consultants sell products and services relating to gender diversity at work.

Linstock began working with retirement income provider Canada Life (formerly Retirement Advantage, and prior to that MGM Advantage) in 2014 – the year that pensions and retirement underwent its biggest change in a generation.