UK Chancellors 1990 – 2016

The Autumn Statement is one of two big set-piece Chancellor duties in the year. This mainstay of the political calendar is, however, a fairly recent innovation and one Philip Hammond is keen to axe in its current form. Seeking what the FT has called “fiscal headroom to react to any Brexit fallout”, he has said he wants to move away from “gimmicks” and micromanagement, and is considering returning the Autumn Statement to its original function of fiscal forecasting.

This year’s, of course, will go ahead on 23rd November, and it’s likely to be a big occasion. Newspapers will report on his good guy or bad guy antics, and we’ll all scratch our heads over what the policies actually mean.

In this infographic, we take an irreverent look back at Chancellors past. What did they get right? And which policies tainted their reputation? How much did the wider context colour their tenure, and what did they say then that – try as they might – cannot now be unsaid?

Click here: UK Chancellors- The Good, The Bad and The Lucky

Keith Brookbank

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