If Content Is King, Wear The Crown

Published: 17 September 2015

Building an editorial team can enable you to produce lots of content. But that content needs to be original and evidence-led.

There’s no short-cut to success via thought leadership, but if you can produce content that is authentic, compelling and findable, then you’re on the right track.

With the ‘big bang’ in media sources transforming corporate communications, it seems as if everyone is in the business of content marketing at the moment. Some brands have built editorial teams to write articles and blogs, offering news and opinion like traditional media titles. Others are scouring the web to curate material from other sources, acting like news agencies.

But the best are developing original, evidence-led channels, moving industry debate in new directions and driving sales leads as a consequence. That is thought leadership.

Differentiating high-end services

Lots of firms find it difficult to differentiate themselves on the basis of their product or service. Financial, professional and related business services are prime examples. But real value can be derived from applying a rigorous approach to share the collective insight and ideas of the people delivering those services.

One issue particularly high on the business and media agenda at the moment is women in business, and the value of diversity in leadership teams. At Linstock we’ve worked with Grant Thornton on their international women in business research, a project which has seen them become a ‘go to’ source for global media outlets on a topic and generating significant brand awareness. We’ve also worked with Right Management to develop an innovative thought leadership platform looking at women in leadership to help generate new business opportunities. It helped create 84 meetings in just eight weeks – significantly above target.

Is your business ready for thought leadership?

It’s an important question. To do it properly involves taking risks, and perhaps challenging the status quo. A robust methodology is also critical to produce credible, compelling and engaging material that will resonate with customers and partners.

There’s no short-cut to success via thought leadership, but if you can produce content that is authentic, compelling and findable, then you’re on the right track.

Thought leadership is something we’re passionate about here at Linstock; you can read more about our approach to it here and you can also read a more extensive version of our thoughts here for Marketing Week (registration is free). If you’d like to discuss how we can help you develop effective thought leadership content, please get in touch.

Simon Maule

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