Summer offers great chance to turn up the heat on thought leadership

Published: 19 July 2018

While decision makers relax by the pool, give your thought leadership content a refresh.

Emerging research reveals that our attention spans contract when consuming content on handheld technology, with many of us also skimming over reams of fluid text.

As the holiday period kicks off in earnest, summer months are often a good time to find fresh and innovative ways to re-package existing thought leadership content. After all, one of the key benefits of thought leadership is that insights should have a long shelf-life and lead to greater return on investment.

Despite the fact that many executives and decision makers will be enjoying time away from the office in this period, we also know that many find it hard to switch off completely. It might be a glance at LinkedIn or Twitter while lying by the pool, to keep up with industry news. But this presents an opportunity to reach this important audience with your insights.

That said, it is tricky to compete with walks on the beach and ice-cool cocktails. So any material you package must pack a punch.

This need for engaging bite sized content is especially strong given the content your holidaying targets will be consuming will most likely be via their smartphone. Emerging research reveals that our attention spans contract when consuming content on handheld technology, with many of us also skimming over reams of fluid text.

Presenting content using a combination of text and visuals, therefore, will stimulate the audience’s senses at a time when most are on rest mode. Even if they have momentarily put the barbecue tongs down in favour of the mobile. And as with all good thought leadership content, focus on findings and recommendations from your research which are most likely to grab attention.

Beyond trying to reach decision makers on their holiday, the summer is also an opportunity to rework and reshape existing thought leadership content ready for the Autumn. It may that the news agenda later in the year presents opportunities to share insights with media outlets read by your target audiences. There may be speaker or networking events planned where senior team members can weave content in to their talks. Or you may be planning a campaign to acquire new customers.

Like a barbecue that keeps on giving long after the first burger hits the grill, genuine thought leadership can – and should – be repurposed. Using it across multiple channels ensures better bang for your buck. But like any good leftover plate, due consideration needs to be given to the composition.

Getting this right will see thought leadership content hit the spot. Avoid the corn-on-the-cob affliction of too much effort for little gain, and materials will be hungrily consumed by clients and prospects.

We work with lots of clients during this period to repackage their thought leadership insights, for the summer and beyond. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Jos Kelly

Junior Consultant

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