Canada Life

The campaign generated 10 pieces of media coverage in nationals and trades, with a combined reach of 3.5 million.

Linstock began working with retirement income provider Canada Life (formerly Retirement Advantage, and prior to that MGM Advantage) in 2014 – the year that pensions and retirement underwent its biggest change in a generation.


Canada Life commissioned Linstock to produce thought leadership content that would support its sales and marketing work for all products by driving media coverage, increasing online engagement and opening up conversations with financial advisers. We suggested a report highlighting the different ways people think about their property compared to their pension when considering their finances in retirement and encouraging a holistic planning approach.


Linstock researched and wrote two reports – one for advisers and one for consumers – on the need for retirees to better understand how property and pensions can be used to generate income in retirement, under the campaign title Home Truths. These reports highlighted behavioural science principles that can stop people from getting the most out of their assets and outlined why the new pension freedom rules and longer-term trends have changed the financial benefits of different retirement income products. We also produced a sales aid and series of videos highlighting five key steps for advisers to have better conversations with their clients.


The campaign generated 10 pieces of media coverage in nationals such as The Guardian and trades such as the FT Adviser and Money Marketing, with a combined reach of 3.5 million. There were over 1,500 views of the Home Truths content on the Canada Life website, as well as approximately 1,500 impressions on Twitter and almost 7,000 impressions on LinkedIn in total. Emails to advisers achieved open rates of up to 62%, the reports were downloaded almost 700 times, and Canada Life received over 240 requests for hard copies.

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