After 12 successful years, Jon Bennett has stepped down as Director of the company. He will continue to provide support in an Associate capacity.

Rest isn’t defined purely by the absence of work but must be a deliberate and active choice, like sleeping, but also walking, thinking and pursuing a hobby.

Over the next decade, firms expect to collaborate much more closely with clients and prospects to develop insightful and practical content.

For creative ideas, if the brand doesn’t come across in the first five seconds, the user will switch off, which is something data can help brands to overcome.

Rather than focusing on coverage and exposure, a traditional measure of success, thought leadership will primarily be to shape new thinking.

Where companies may once have avoided hot-button issues, it is now potentially riskier to stay silent, as we expect companies to stand for something.

It’s no use dreaming up ideas in a closed room and hoping they will stick. There’s three ways to help ensure your campaign resonates with your audience.

Internally, you need to assess where your expertise lies, and externally you should look at what other people are saying to identify white space.