Brand Storytelling in a Digital World

Published: 12 July 2016

These behaviours carry through to how we interact with brands at a corporate level. Brand stories, therefore, need to address all of these needs.

"Businesses won’t be heard unless they’re telling good stories.” We communicators generally know this to be true – but why do stories win, and how can we tell them in an effective and coherent way across an entire digital ecosystem?

To focus on one thing, instead of allowing our mind to wander, requires huge amounts of energy. Matt used the torch analogy. In diffused mode, you’re waving the torch around, not settling your attention on anything in particular. In focused mode, you’re shining the torch on one small area. Problem is, even if you manage to get someone to point a narrow beam, our attention easily wanes and gets dragged into other areas.

Modern technology often gets the blame. On average, every day we devote an hour to Youtube and half an hour to Facebook. In the course of our lives, we’ll spend longer social networking than we will eating or drinking.

But technology’s not the issue. We’ve been creating visual and mental shortcuts forever. The amount of time we devote to these channels does spell trouble, however, particularly for younger generations. As Lady Greenfield warns: “Kids experience on social media are devoid of cohesive narrative and long-term significance.” We adults are not immune.

So, what can communicators do about it?

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