Five Steps To Thought Leadership Collaboration

Published: 23 January 2018

Could the tone of voice in your organisation’s thought leadership content reduce its impact? This may not be the first question you ask of your flagship written work, but new research suggests it could be a critical factor.

Evidence suggests that these relatively small changes could make a real difference. Make sure 2018 is the year your thought leadership content strikes the right gender balance, so it speaks with authority but also creates opportunities to collaborate and deepen relationships

An analysis of current thought leadership content shows that the majority of it – 58% – uses a male tone of voice. Just 37% is female, with the rest neutral. However, an overly male tone in thought leadership content can undermine its ability to foster collaboration – an issue identified as one of the key reasons for doing thought leadership in the first place.

Academic studies show that a typically male tone of voice in written content can discourage collaboration. It tends to be assertive and dominant. In comparison, the female tone of voice typically demonstrates ‘affiliative’ language, which seeks to connect with the reader in an attempt to be collaborative and inclusive.

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