Forget Silly Season: Long Term Thought Leadership

Published: 28 September 2016

Thought leadership sees companies publicly share insights in order to differentiate brands, increase share of industry voice and open up commercial conversations with prospects.

New analysis from Google finds that purchasers are often as much as 90% of the way into their buying journey before making a final decision, compared to just 5% at the turn of the decade. As a result, the need for companies to demonstrate their expertise to the wider world is more critical than ever.

Across the PR industry, summer is widely seen as silly season. With holidays and fine weather abounding, it’s time to put the real work on hold and indulge in stunts, pranks and quick media hits. And, if you’re really stuck for ideas, floating a branded mascot up the Thames.

In a consumer context, these tactics have been known to make a splash, but those of us in the B2B space handle clients that demand tangible outcomes over the long-term.

To read the full article, visit PRCA here.

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