Celebrity Endorsement: Has the Game Changed?

Published: 24 March 2017

In using a celebrity to draw attention to the brand, the company also undertakes a much bigger risk should the celebrity step out of line.

In the charity sector, research suggests that the ability of celebrity to reach people is limited. The main beneficiary seems to be the individual.

Being famous never goes out of fashion. In the words of celebrity branding expert and author of the Kim Kardashian Principle Jeetendr Sehdev: “Celebrity has never mattered more than it does today, especially among the digital native millennials and generation. Fame is the holy grail and everyone wants to be a star.”

But as everyone in PR knows, the rise of the influencer means that celebrities ain’t what they used to be. As Sehdev says: “Before celebrities were larger-than-life personas that nobody could really touch. Today, they are content-creators, media planners and talent all rolled into one, and with social media everyone can be a celebrity in their own right. The younger generations are more influenced by Youtube stars than they are by traditional celebrities. They feel a closer relationship to them because they have identified and created them. They feel they have an equity stake in them.”

To read the full article, visit PR Moment here.

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